Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Tandem Trailer

10x5 tandem trailer

Tandem trailers are regarded to be well-sought after trailer varieties available in different sizes, payload capacities, and configurations depending on the job or task that one needs them for. For instance, one can opt for a 10×6 or 10×5 tandem trailer for heavy-duty lifting. These trailers are curated using two axles instead of the more commonly sighted single axle setup. Now, since these are made with two axles, it allows for the fixation of two pairs of wheels within them. These are the significant points of distinction to separate the tandem from the other trailer types.


Before considering the other values that you can seek by purchasing a 10×6 or 10×5 tandem trailer, let us delve into the positives of a dual axle system in trailers. For instance, consider that you wish to move a big and heavy box uphill; while doing this manually is possible, it can prove to be tedious and difficult. It can further put significant strain on your body, slow down the task, cause inefficiency, accidentally damage the goods inside it, or even cause workplace injuries. In such scenarios, wouldn’t the job be made simpler if another person came along to help you? A joint effort works to simplify the task. A dual axle system works on the same principle of division of labour or working in tandem to make the job easier by a certain degree. 


Elucidated upon below are specific benefits of using a tandem axle trailer as opposed to single axle trailers to meet your requirements more optimally:

  • These trailers are specially made for the purpose of heavy-duty hauling. 
  • They present a significantly higher weight-bearing propensity.
  • They have a more distinguished suspension capacity.
  • These trailers provide enhanced stability, more so when they are in transit.
  • These are all the more flexible when it comes to the type of load that they carry within them.

Conventional Features Seen On A Tandem Trailer: 

  • These consist of two axles, which also means that they’re fitted with two pairs of wheels. 
  • These are adept at carrying significant loads that can range up to 2,000 kg.
  • These are typically created out of galvanised steel. 
  • Tandem trailers are designed out of a full 2.5mm checker plate material. And are also equipped with quality standard override hydraulic brakes. 

One of the major reasons you should invest in a tandem trailer is its value towards moving cargo that weighs up to or more than 750kgs in one go. You can choose the trailer of your choice; whether it’s a 10×6 or 10×5 tandem trailer, it’s bound to be exceptionally resourceful if you require quality transit vehicular aid. If one were to consider the value of even single axle trailers and the heavy load they can carry, a tandem offers all that and more. That is, in terms of load capacity, stability and flexibility. It also enhances handling propensity, which is paramount while towing heavy loads on the highways, unpaved or uneven roads.


Consider the factors mentioned above to evaluate a tandem trailer’s features and offerings. Estimate its use with your requirement to make a thorough and informed decision at all ends.