3 Essential Applications Of Stainless Steel Press Fittings

stainless steel press fittings

Stainless steel is the most commonly found press-fitting material across the globe. The use of stainless steel press fittings is huge and they provide extensive support to many industries. These press-fitting pips can tolerate huge pressure and work fine with any material. 

The popularity of stainless steel press fittings is increasing in recent years. Using plastic and other items in press-fitting work is a non-sustainable act and this material cannot survive in the long run. However, stainless steel pipes can efficiently handle their job for many years. 

Unlike other press-fitting materials, stainless steel press fittings provide more security to the building. You can use these pipes in electric work, plumbing, water supply, and many other ways. These pipes provide all-weather support and would last for many years. 

In recent times, architects are coming up with new sets of designs for buildings but they prefer stainless steel press fittings because of their aesthetic appeal. These pipes look very subtle and can go with any design if used properly. These pipes are mostly used in electric works.

The application of stainless steel press fittings is quite wide and extensive. Besides households and commercial buildings, these pipes are also used in many industries because of their efficient qualities. These pipes are best for the installation of machines in a fixed place. Besides that, you can see stainless steel press fittings in many other sectors also. 

A few applications of these pipes in common areas are discussed here:

1. In the petrochemical industry:

The application of these pipes is wide in the chemical industry. These pipes can efficiently tolerate hot liquids and also can handle cold liquids. Hence, you can see these pipes are installed in production units of urea solution, sodium hydroxide, ethanol, and other chemicals. 

  • These pips are made of stainless steel, which is a non-reactive metal of many chemicals. Therefore, the application of these pipes is wide in chemical production units. These pipes can also tolerate high-pressure and low-pressure efficiently. 
  • Besides chemicals, these pipes can efficiently channel petroleum products. Hence, these pipes are used in diesel and petrol refineries. 

2. Plumbing:

Stainless steel as a metal is safe for drinking water and thus these press-fit units are used in drinking water pipes. The chances of leaching of these metals into drinking water is not here, unlike plastic and other materials. 

  • These press-fits units are essentially used in the food and beverage industry. These units are used because of their hygienic capacity. The process of cleaning is also very easy with these units. 

3. No-heat formula:

The process of installation of these press-fit units is very gentle and it does not require heat for joints. Hence, you can use these pipes in your wooden home because no fire is required here to install these units. 

  • You can use these units for the electric wires as these would minimize the chances of fire incidents at the residential place.

Finally, these units can easily tolerate a high flow of water so you can easily install them on any floor of your building.