4 Common Myths About The Solar Panels In Narrabri

solar panels in Narrabri

Common myths about solar energy can often hold you back from making the purchase decision. Several stories and false belief systems can bar you from adopting a better means of electricity generation. However, once you get to know the facts, you will realize that it will be a good idea to ignore the misconceptions about the solar panels in Narrabri and proceed to buy the cost-effective systems.

Myth 1: solar panels are not worth the money:

It is the most common misconception that dominates people who have not procured enough information about solar panels. But ask someone who has already installed the system, and you will know how it has lowered the energy bills. The figures before the installation and after the use of solar panels will be the right evidence.

  • If you are an energy-conscious individual, you can easily use energy-intensive appliances during the day.
  • If you want to maximize the self-use of the solar panels, listen to the suggestions from the best solar companies near me, which will definitely include the tips to use appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water systems more during the daytime.

The payback period for the solar systems is usually four to six years, while its longevity is not less than twenty years. So you can easily calculate the cost-effective factor.

Myth 2: Solar systems are not always properly functional:

Again, this is a wrong statement as the functionality won’t alter unless there is some glitch in the installation. If the solar panels in Narrabri have excessive shading all around due to trees or roof covers, then the maximum exposure to sunlight won’t happen. As a result, the battery charging will never be complete.

So, you will not be able to experience maximum power. The solution is to hire the best installers who have the knowledge and expertise to install the solar panels at the accurate position and angle to receive maximum sunlight.

Myth 3: solar panels are non-functional at high temperature:

This is again, a misinterpretation of the practical facts. On purchasing the solar panels from the best solar companies near Me, you can ensure that the system won’t stop functioning at an elevated temperature level. However, the high temperature can slightly reduce the efficiency.

  • The unit for expressing measurement of the power rating of a solar panel is Watts. It can reduce the output by around 12% to 18 %, but the system will work properly.
  • The amount of power loss on exposure to high temperatures is the temperature coefficient of the system.
  • The solar panels in Narrabri with the monocrystalline cells perform better than the polycrystalline cells.

Myth 4: Cloudy days stop the panel from functioning:

There are several other misconceptions like a cloudy day can stop the function of the solar panels. It is also wrong as thunder clouds can lower the amount of solar generation but can never stop the production. The reduction also depends on the type of cloud and the time on the clock.