4 Mistakes That Can Inflate Your Bathroom Demolition Costs.

Want to keep your bathroom demolition costs down? Avoid these four simple mistakes.

Demolition is a very messy job even. Even worse, it can be very expensive. Even a small demolition can involve highly complicated steps like rearranging electricity or water lines. Unfortunately, many homeowners continue to perform DIY bathroom demolitions. Yes, there are some notable advantages of demolishing your bathroom by yourself. 

  • Your bathroom demolition costs will be significantly lower if you don’t hire professionals. 
  • If you have knowledge about construction materials, you can salvage specific materials from your old bathroom.  
  • There’s also the inner satisfaction that homeowners get from carrying out demolition work. Believe it or not, “destroying” floors and walls or ripping up cabinets are quite satisfying activities.

However, not getting professional help for such an important home improvement job is not the best way to save money. DIY bathroom demolitions near me cost less only on paper. More often than not, they’re more expensive in the long run. 

  • You may accidentally damage a utility line (the ones embedded in walls can be hard to locate) during the demolition. The costs of replacing the items/installations you accidentally damage will be higher than the costs of hiring professionals.
  • Licensed providers of bathroom demolition in Sydney always check for signs of lead/asbestos in the construction materials they demolish. The average homeowner isn’t trained to handle such demolitions. You may even get lead/asbestos poisoning in the process.
  • DIY bathroom demolitions take longer. Homeowners are not trained to clean up or dispose of debris.

So, the first mistake to avoid is not hiring professional home demolition experts. With just one mistake, an inexperienced homeowner can jeopardize his/her health, finances, and the home’s long-term future. However, even a small demolition in Sydney costs a lot if you hire professionals.

Bathroom demolition costs are relatively high because these projects involve labor-intensive tasks like –

  • Lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy items.
  • There’s always the possibility of workers getting injured, especially in large-scale bathroom demolitions. 
  • If there’s major remodeling work to be done after the bathroom demolition, the process becomes even more complex.

Thankfully, there are four easy ways to cut down your overall bathroom demolition costs. Just avoid the following mistakes –

  • Not Turning Off Services

Prepare your bathroom for the demolition process by turning off all gas, electricity, and water connections. Inform everyone in the house (including the demolition experts) about the locations of the emergency shut-off switches for these utilities. Even in a small demolition, puncturing an active gas, water, or electricity line could lead to great disasters.

  • Not Planning for Cleaning, Before the Demolition 

Bathroom demolitions are extremely messy. Throughout the process, you will discover new types of debris, rodents, insects, and other undesirables underneath or inside your bathroom. Prepare for cleaning beforehand. Make sure the dust and debris at the end of the project don’t overwhelm you into making unnecessary expenses.

Ask your provider of bathroom demolition in Sydney what items they will need to clean up after the demolition. Typically, these professionals need multiple dumpsters and cordless vacuum cleaners to clean up all the post-demolition trash. Arrange for these items before the demolition project begins. 

  • Not Recycling or Reusing Old Materials  

Perhaps the smartest way of cutting bathroom demolition costs is by recycling some materials instead of throwing them away. Reuse, repurpose or sell bathroom fixtures like crown molding, wooden flooring, cabinets, etc. Make a note of sell-able, reusable, or even donate-able bathroom fixtures, materials, or items before starting the demo project.

  • Not Using the Right Tools

A small demolition in Sydney takes less than two days to complete when the workers use the right tools. There are tools designed for demolition projects. They include – crowbars, electric drills, spare electrical lines, etc. Make sure your demolition company equips the workers with the best demolition tools.