5 Benefits of Engineered Stone Vanity Tops

engineered vanity top

Natural stone countertops are made from pure granite, marble, or sand. However, these engineered stone vanity tops are made from quartz but are joined together by a resin binder. This is what makes it unique from other stones. They have similar characteristics to natural stone but have benefits that may not be present in natural stone. This is why most people love using these engineered stones. Vanity tops are mostly used in bathrooms. Below are some of the benefits you get when you use the engineered stone vanity top.

  1. They are attractive

The original material that is quartz is compressed into slabs. These slabs have a similar colour and texture to any natural stone. This, therefore, gives you a beautiful glow on the engineered stone vanity top. Wherever this stone is used, one can match it correctly with the other colours in the room. Since it comes in various colours, the commonly available colours are earth-toned colour, rose, greys, among others. At times the colours from the natural stones are mixed to bring out the desired tone of colour in the marble.

  1. Easy cleaning

The surface of engineered stone does not leave any room for liquids, bacteria to get in, unlike what is found in natural stones. This makes cleaning easy and thorough. This means that you will not require any other extra means to try and clean the countertop. If used in the kitchen, it will prove beneficial to you as you cut your fish, meat, or vegetable.

  1. No stains

The tops are sealed, and therefore it would be tough for it to get stained. Anything that pours on it can easily be wiped off without having to worry that it will penetrate to the under the surface. This is because it is hard for the sealants to wear off. Therefore engineered stone looks significant than other stones since it will always be spotless.

  1. Engineered stone counters do not crack easily

The finished material for this stone is hard; therefore, it is hard for it to crack. It is resistant to heat; this means that even if a hot pan is placed on the top, the stone will not be affected. It is hard for them to be scratched or have cuts. This makes them great when using them. This is why most people love using them.

  1. Has a lot of options

This means that with vanity tops, you will never run out of options when it comes to colour and styles. You cannot luck a style that will go with the furnishings in your kitchen.

Vanity tops play a pivotal role. They make your interior look amazing. If you want to do a refurbish on the countertops in your house, going for these engineered stones will give your home a subtle, classy, and elegant look. When outsourcing for vanity tops for your house, ensure that you choose engineered stone vanity tops. With that, you will get the best ones that will make your home beautiful and charming.