5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Kitchen Look Luxurious

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Kitchens have unquestionably become the focal point of every home, where you can show off your style, lifestyle, and class. Kitchens are no longer just functional spaces; aesthetics have also made their way in. As a result, paying attention to design, layout, and colour is crucial.

Most importantly, it should have a luxurious feel to it. It can be difficult during kitchen renovations in Sydney to make it appear expensive. You can achieve your goal without breaking a sweat if you use the right tips and tricks. 

Here are five ideas for updating your kitchen and adding a luxurious touch!

  • The Use Of Neutral Colours Says “Luxury”

This kitchen looks luxurious thanks to its light colour scheme and white cabinetry.

With a fresh coat of paint, you can instantly do kitchen renovation in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Consider darker colours that blend well with the overall aesthetics and make your kitchen look lavish if you have a modular kitchen with many cabinets and storage options. 

If you’re short on space, however, a white colour scheme might be a good option. White reflects light and makes your kitchen appear more prominent.

  • Give Your Cabinet a New Knob 

Starting your kitchen renovation in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with small details like knobs can dramatically improve the appearance of your cabinets. Upgrade your kitchen with modern fixtures. Replace the handles, door pulls and hinges with brightly coloured decorative pieces. 

Just make sure that the pieces you choose are the right size for your cabinets. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different simple and inexpensive metals to buy!

  • Make A Change To Your Backsplash

Kitchen renovations with backsplashes make a big statement in the kitchen and are unquestionably the most popular. Backsplashes in kitchens make a big statement. 

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, this is where you should spend your money after cabinets. It’s also a great way to flaunt your style and taste. Look at various colours and textures.

  • Luxurious lighting personifies abundance like no other.

Low hanging lights and pendant lights can help you create the illusion of a higher ceiling in your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen renovation in Sydney, lighting is frequently overlooked. With dated light fixtures, you won’t be able to achieve a thoroughly luxurious look. 

Another way to make your kitchen appear more expensive is to use dimmers. At dinnertime, dim lights create a warm, moody glow that creates an intimate atmosphere.

  • Allow Marble to work its magic.

Who doesn’t like marble in their kitchen? Don’t worry if you don’t have marble countertops. All you have to do is incorporate slight hints into your kitchen.

Marble tiles can create a stylish backsplash or resurface a section of the kitchen floor. Furthermore, marble complements almost any colour scheme, and a small amount of it can make your kitchen appear much more expensive.