5 Perfect Benchtops For Your Kitchen

kitchen stone benchtops Sydney

The kitchen is an indispensable part of your house. It is one of the liveliest spaces where the family can get together, cook, eat, and have fun. If you have a big kitchen, you can also use it as a dining space where you can entertain guests. So, if you are in a mood to give your kitchen a makeover, then it is time to wrack your brain on the most crucial part of the kitchen—the kitchen benchtop. Kitchen stone benchtops in Sydney are quite popular, with marble being the ruler among all kitchen stone benchtops in Sydney. White marble benchtops in Sydney are quite popular, although there are many other items that are slowly gaining popularity. Different types of kitchen stone benchtops in Sydney such as granite, quartz are also becoming one of the hot choices for customers looking to give the kitchen a new look. 

If you are not a fan of kitchen stone benchtops in Sydney, then there are several other materials that you can choose from. These are new materials that have come in vogue now and are being used for their easy access, low maintenance, durability, and cheap cost.

Five options for a perfect kitchen

Here are options of five perfect kitchen benchtops to choose from:

1.Engineered stone benchtops: For all those who do not want to go for real kitchen stone benchtops in Sydney, engineered stone is one the most preferred choices. This is also one of the most popular choices. It is manufactured using natural stone mixed with resin. Thanks to this manufacturing technique, it gives this material a wide variety of looks and is available in different colours. Ranging from bright colours to soft pastels, to dark grey you would be spoilt for choices. Giving the benchtop a 20mm thick edge gives it a more distinct and cleaner look. One of the best qualities of this sort of benchtop is its durability. Another advantage is that it is easier to clean and is non-porous and hence not prone to staining.

2.Laminate benchtops: Another quite popular type of benchtop is laminate kitchen benchtops. Laminate kitchen benchtops in Sydney are popular because they are very reasonably priced and do not burn a hole in the pocket. Just because it is low priced, does not mean you have to settle for a not-so-good-looking kitchen benchtop. It has the widest range of colours and designs. Another great quality is that it can imitate expensive materials like stone and timber. The only disadvantage of laminate is that it is prone to scratching and scorching. However, it is easy to clean and is stain resistant.

3.Timber benchtops: Although it had gone out of fashion, timber benchtops are now re-entering the Sydney market. Instead of just using timber, this material is now being mixed well with steel and glass, to give your kitchen a classic look. It also gives your kitchen a warm and cosy look. However, with timber, you need to invest some time in maintenance as it needs to be coated with food-safe oil or polyurethane to protect it, and this coating needs to be done every year to maintain the shine of timber. 

4.Solid surface benchtops: Acrylic resin with a filler of alumina is the primary material used to make solid surface kitchen benchtops. The best quality about solid surface benchtops is that the joints do not show, and it looks like one continuous slab. This makes it easy for you to mould the sink into the solid surface so that it appears as a part of the benchtop. Solid surfaces are resistant to ultraviolet rays and hence a good choice for an outdoor kitchen.

5.Stainless steel benchtop: Stainless steel is nowadays being used a lot in a commercial kitchen. This is being commonly used because stainless steel is easy to clean, it is durable, and is also heat resistant. However, it does not come in different colours and you would need to balance your palettes to give a seamless look. 

Here are five perfect benchtop options that can add the perfect zing to your kitchen. Designed with suitable cabinets and drawers, these benchtops can give your kitchen the perfect look.