6 Factors That Have Deep Impact On Your WaterProofing

removing efflorescence from brick before application.

Waterproofing is important. It helps sustain your property. The task is critical. The right selection of product and system is important. You may find hundreds of products in the market. This makes your selection difficult.

  • You have to get familiar with pro and con factors of each product.
  • Study the war and tear factor before selecting.
  • You have to consider physical elements including weather and time.

Focus on basic factors that can affect the waterproofing quality. Not all waterproofing products are the same.

  1. Weather conditions

Weather is an important element it refers to humidity and temperature of a place. It can affect both interior and exterior waterproofing.

You should focus on removing efflorescence from brick using quality membrane and barriers. Always ensure you select the only complete solution. Try and focus on maintaining air and water tightness.

  1. Surface.

Surface texture makes a big difference. The rough surface needs strong bonding. It also needs preparation so the surface is smooth. This is important to removing efflorescence from brick before application.

Before applying, ensure the surface is clean. Check for organic growth, previous coating and formwork traces. If any issues you may have to treat the surface with an effective reagent.

To prepare the surface, scrubbing is also important. Quality waterproofing products are always easy to apply on any surface.

  1. Applicator factor

The substrate will also affect the waterproofing. You have to ensure that you have selected applicator that is genuine. The team that you select should have a skilled workforce.

They should also have advance tools and equipment. Removing efflorescence from brick is not easy if the team is not skilled. Check with the professionalism of the team and then select.

  1. Technical support

Technical support is also one important factor. The team that you select should have access to all types of technical tools. Waterproofing products need technical knowledge. 

It is necessary that you check with the technical expertise of the team. Technical upgrading is an important factor that will affect the quality. Lack of technical support will never give the best results.

Quality waterproofing products


  1. Well instructed

Workforce always needs proper guidance from superiors. Everything from waterproofing products selection to usability needs guidance.

If the team is not supervised then they may never give their best. Instructions are important on every stage of the project. Instruction for waterproofing products use and selection is important for experts as well. 

Instruction for right application procedure is also important. If the team does not have instructions then they may not carry on with the work. 

  1. Water table knowledge

Foundation knowledge will always affect the quality of work. Before removing efflorescence from brick, you have to treat it for moisture. You have to collect details related to groundwater availability. 

If groundwater is present, then you have to treat it first. If left untreated, it can affect the quality and form dampness. Removing efflorescence from brick is all about right material selection.

A proper procedure is also important. Dampness and moisture can be issues that need an immediate cure. If left unchecked, you may have to redo it back again.