6 Tips To Make Your Packaging Design More Attractive

flexible pouch packaging

The unique qualities of your product must be represented by the packaging to establish a connection with the consumer. You have worked hard to get a unique product. You are sure that you represent the best offer for the consumer. You do not want to risk all that effort with inappropriate and unattractive packaging. 

Here are six tips so that flexible pouch packaging becomes the best ally of your marketing campaign and you get the success you deserve.

6 Tips for flexible pouch packaging

1. Be clear how you will sell 

flexible pouch packaging SydneyYour marketing strategy should start by establishing if your product will go to the shelf of a store or if it will be sold online. Since in the store the consumer can touch it and have it within reach, while on the internet the packaging should give priority to others Senses like sight. Consider these elements when designing flexible pouch packaging.


2. Make sketches

Every packaging idea you can think of can be printed on paper, no matter if they are only big strokes. That will give you an idea of how your product will look.

You evaluate the packaging of the competition, or of the large companies of the field in which you enter to see their successes and failures. Your sketches should also be based on the market studies that you have commissioned for the positioning of your product, as they reveal what consumers want and that is essential.

3. Make it readable

Typography is essential for stand up pouch packaging. A readable package has part of the guaranteed success, as the consumer now enthusiastically reviews the information about each product. Consider that the general design of the flexible packaging and the colour of the typography must combine. This applies to items that are sold online as well as those that are placed on shelves.

4.  Simplicity brings

stand up pouch packagingWhile it is true that the pouch packaging must be striking, it is no less true that simplicity is an added value. Remember that the main task of stand up pouch packaging is to protect the product and facilitate its transport. If your budget is not high enough to invest in personalized packaging, it is preferable to use a simple one that meets the basic objectives.

5 Prefer the eco-friendly

As awareness about environmental care grows, many consumers add to the eco-friendly trend. If the packaging of your product can be recycled and, it is attractive, you will have points in favour of the taste of consumers.

6 Keep your balance

The eagerness to get the attention of the public can lead you to make squeaky and tasteless packaging. If you choose the simple, you can become modest and “disappear” on the shelf. In Packer & Pack, we suggest you keep your balance, although we know that this is not achieved overnight. Maybe you are wrong with a package and you have to reform it. Do not be discouraged and make adjustments. That balance will allow you to maintain consumer loyalty, once you achieve that you identify with your offer.