7 SEO Trends That Can Help You Drive More Traffic In 2021

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective tools to drive more traffic towards your website organically and generate revenue through it. Getting in touch with the best SEO company in Singapore will help you gain an effective strategy to build your website and promote your services. Using the right SEO techniques will help in enhancing your rankings in the search result as well.


The top 7 SEO trends that must be followed to generate more traffic are:


Core Web Vitals

The three new parameters were announced in May 2020 by Google were Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. These are related to enhancing user experience and focus on the page loading speed primarily. The page loading speed matters, the time it takes to get interactive, and for how much time it shows stability. Working on these three factors leads to a good user experience.


Keyword Research

Some of the searches end with zero-clicks. This means that the majority of the searches are left without being clicked. This happens because, based on your search, the information is sometimes available without a click. However, your business content should contain user intended keywords to facilitate traffic diversion. The use of long-tail and targeted keywords is an effective strategy to make your website more visible. A professional SEO agency in Singapore is well versed with all the keyword research tools and looks for the perfect keyword. 


Original and Creative Content

It should be made sure that your content is not plagiarized and completely genuine. The quality of content plays a major role in determining the rankings on search engines. Good material including unique information, visuals, and graphs is what attracts the users. 


Voice Search

Most of the users today use voice search instead of typing an entire statement. The voice searches are usually long and specific. Therefore, your content also needs to be voice search optimized. Some of the best SEO companies focus on making their content optimized with every platform to ensure their growth and development.


Artificial Intelligence

This factor plays a major role in enhancing the credibility of searches by providing personalization. The search engines use artificial intelligence to provide users with the content that they are searching for. It helps to decode the algorithms and form favorable strategies for user-specific content. It enhances the SEO efforts in some way as well. An SEO 


Video Marketing

One of the most trending techniques that helps in the promotion of business is video marketing. People tend to get affected more through visuals as compared to texts. Make sure that the name of your video channel and the description provided is unique to gain more visibility. Try to use target-specific keywords to drive more traffic to your website.


Influencer SEO

Influencers are a great means to extend your reach towards your audience. They promote your brand and help in the conversion of their followers into your customers. They help in boosting the conversion rate and lead to a better user experience. Moreover, you need to be specific while choosing your influencers so that the target audience is attracted.


It is always good to do proper research about the SEO companies in Singapore before hiring their services and planning out on the budget.