8 Factors To Consider While Upgrading To LED Lighting

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Today most hospitality places have shifted to the use of LED lighting to make their place look aesthetically appealing and attract more and more customers to help make their business a success. However, while shifting to the LED mode of lighting, there are several features that need to be kept in mind. Some of them are mentioned below.


Enhanced aesthetics

Unlike traditional fluorescent lights, the LED lights are in trend nowadays and help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your place. Be it a residential or commercial setting of your in Mumbai, your hospitality consultant will always advise you to try using LED lights to get a better ambiance and save on your energy bills.



The LED lighting is known to consume less energy in comparison to other traditional lights. They provide more light on low levels of wattage that speaks volumes about its efficiency. You just need to select the lighting that is suitable for your place and its requirements.


Get Guarantee

Usually, there are 2 types of LEDs available and one of them is available on the guarantee. The seller uses his signature below the purchase date and the light can easily be replaced if it gets faulty or you face any other issue. You should always select your hospitality lighting that offers a guarantee.



Talking about luminosity, it is important to first understand the term lumen. It is a measuring unit to compare LED lighting bulbs with the traditional bulbs. It generally refers to the amount of brightness. It is important to consider quality as well along with the measure of the number of lumens. If you look at high-quality LED lights, they usually come with a measure of 60 to 70 lumens per watt. The luminous efficacy of LED bulbs must be seen before buying them. You should look for an accessory that requires fewer lumens and offers you a great amount of light.


Base Type

The LED lights are equipped with 2 types of bases. These are Pin Plug and Typical Plug. Depending on the requirement of your place and your preference, you can select the base type and purchase that LED to serve your purpose. 


Look for different features

It is important to check for all the necessary features that are required before using it. The heat capacity of the LED light must be checked and it should be made sure that the light does not emit or radiate a lot of heat. A good LED light should emit less heat and must run for a long time. 



It is always better to buy the LED lights from a trusted source of manufacturers and you must see if the lights are FCC authorized. Make sure that the dealers you choose are reputed and trustworthy.


Fit to be used anywhere

Be it your bedroom or hallways, the LED lights you use must be capable of being used anywhere and anytime. Some of them are also offered dimming capabilities so that the lighting can be adjusted.


Ensure that you contact the best hospitality consultant in Pune and Mumbai so that you get the latest lights installed at your place.