8 Ways To Ensure Your Brand Name Stands Out From Others

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it all. If you think about that, you will do things differently.”  

                    Warren Buffett, CEO – Berkshire Hathaway

Now that you have worked hard and gained tremendous experience in your profession, you seek to utilize the learnings for your benefit by launching your startup. But you are scared taking the first step, as the fear of failure grips you. What if you gain the knowledge to transform your business idea into a successful venture? Would you not feel proud of your laurels?   

Over 28 million small businesses operate in the U.S. However, not all of them run successfully.

The U.S. Small Business Association statistics reveal;

“30% of small businesses will fail in the initial 2 years of their launch but the remaining 50% of businesses will survive for 5 years or more.”

Would you not prefer to be a part of 50%? Yes, of course!

So, what is the mantra of success? It all depends on the brand name and you can use a brand name generator to come up with a great name.. 

A brand identifies and represents a business and differentiates it from the competition. It acts as a communication bridge between the business and the audience. Hence, delivering a precise message to the customers is critical, if a business is to win the competition. 

Subsequently, these build-a-brand strategies can project your business as a heavy-weight among your target audience and help you create a long-term relationship with them.

Creating Identity

Google statics reveal:

86% of consumers prefer and support brands that seem authentic. 57% of consumers believe that less than half of the brands develop genuine content.

If you want to be recognized more than your competitors, you should focus on appearing genuine to your target audience. Use an image or a tone that none of your competitors have used before. This is not an easy task. However, it is a major step towards uniquely defining your business and gaining instant recognition among a million small businesses.

Personalize Your Brand

Want to create a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience forever? Create personalized responses for your potential and current customers. For instance, a thank you note for your first-time buyers will render a fantastic user experience, which eventually would spread through word of mouth or social media. Subsequently, it would encourage more quality visitors to your website, e-commerce platform. Thus, positive interaction with your current or potential clients will improve and strengthen your brand identity.

Delivering A Relevant Message

Want to build a connection with your audience? Your brand must resonate with the emotions of your targeted customers. Your target audience will feel connected with your brand if you can empathize with them through precise brand messaging. With this effort, you are likely to notice an increase in web traffic and conversions. Subsequently, you should analyze your audience persona (demographics, purchasing behavior, social media behavior, etc.) to create impactful brand messages.   

Ensure Brand Consistency

Today, businesses can easily connect with their audience through traditional and digital marketing and sales channels to build brand awareness. Subsequently, your branding must be consistent across all platforms. Use words, designs, images, or offers for brand messaging that clearly define your brand’s personality and keep your tone consistent to deliver a sense of familiarity to your targeted audience.  

Stay Visible 

Often, a portion of your targeted audience will learn about your brand through organic search. Subsequently, you should be visible to them always. Show your brand story across all channels for your target audience to respond.

Tips On Brand Promotion

  • ·        Post business-relevant content on third-party blog sites.
  • ·        Use yellow pages or display board advertising to expand your network.
  • ·        Create a social media marketing strategy for brand promotion at regular intervals. You can build a network with social media influencers to generate quality visits to your website.

 Play It Smart On Social Media

Small businesses should use social media marketing to build a brand. However, it may seem like an overwhelming task. There may be hundreds of businesses promoting similar services or products on a social media platform. These tips can help you gain the limelight on your choicest social-media platforms.

  • Create a unique voice for your brand that is relevant to your industry and helps you deliver a powerful message to your target audience.
  • Create a ‘themed’ account for your business that is 
  • Visually appealing.
  • Reflects your brand’s personality, experience, and mood.
  • Sets a mood for your target audience.

You can follow a specific approach and color-palette when creating a themed account.

  •       Use clear and high-quality visuals

If you want to engage and retain your audience/followers, use high-resolution images and videos. Remember to keep your videos short; Google suggests a 45-second video ideal for capturing the user’s attention and focus.

  •       Create A Compelling Brand Story

Use the theme, the ‘brand voice’, and the visuals to create an engaging brand story for your audience. The objective of writing a brand story is to connect emotionally with your audience, regardless of the geographical boundaries.

  •       Use New Domain Extensions

New domain extensions such as .TECH, .STORE, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, etc add more meaningful and context to your brand name and makes it more brandable. A domain name on one of these new domain extensions will help your brand stand out from the competition.

  •       Recurring Events/Posts

Create recurring posts/events to hook your audience to your business website or social media page. For instance, you can share weekly tips or how-to-do-it-yourself articles that generate inquisitiveness among your target audience, and they keep coming back for more. This strategy enables you to strengthen your connection with your target audience.

  •       Create An Events Calendar

For your Social Media Marketing efforts to be successful, you should create an events calendar that enables you to know at what time intervals you need to send out different content pieces (blog posts, news, videos, etc.) to continue being relevant and consistent among your targeted audience.

Offer Better Brand Value

Highlight your brand by offering greater value to your customers as compared to your competitors. You can accomplish higher brand value in different ways:

  •       Launch equally valuable products/services in the marketplace at a lower price than your competitors. Initially, you may have to sacrifice the profits, but you create stronger and lasting brand recognition in your audience’s mind; and they would prefer purchasing from your store, always.

Brand Value is not just about the price, it’s about encouraging your audience to come back for more. You can offer an enhanced user experience through excellent customer service or simplify navigation and check-out processes on your e-commerce platform. You may offer voice-based search to your audience, especially if they are using their smart devices.

You can offer better value to your customers:

  • ·        Offering original/relevant/useful/informative content across all your traditional and digital marketing channels.
  • ·        Offering better products/services at the same price as your competitors.
  • ·        Offering personalized and door-step customer service.

You can easily determine how to offer better ‘value’ to your target customers if you understand their needs AND demands.

Take Calculated Risks

In branding, a successful marketer is the one who is willing to take calculated risks. Often, reputed brands are not hesitant to experiment with the latest technology and marketing strategies. They are not even afraid to address a dispute with their customers on social media channels and quickly take remedial measures to resolve the issue. Thus, by taking calculated risks, you may alienate a portion of your target audience, but you would also gain respect and attention from potential customers who search for a strong brand.