A Small Office Space Is What The Fresher Company Finds Cost-Effective

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A real estate business only runs on the concept of comparing space with per square feet price. Though it has no scientific basis, it is obvious that a new company that has just started to flourish will prefer a smaller office space. Since the number of employees is less, hence for good functioning only small office space in Sydney will be sufficient enough.

Though the area is small, it should be big enough to afford a minimum set of rooms that will act as a hub for the proper functioning of the organization daily. And the worker should be comfortable in the office environment. Only then he will able to focus on his work dedicatedly.

Some of the important rooms are discussed below that falls under requirements:-

  • Meeting and conference rooms– Depending on the volume of employees, the number of meeting rooms is decided. For the meeting of 5 to 6 people, a small meeting room is sufficient enough. There should be a small video-conferencing room well-equipped with a webcam and monitor for attending video-calls. A short brainstorming room can also be accommodated for discussing new ideas by putting up a marker board but it should be in an isolated location. It may also be given in the shape of a webinar and recording room if the company is interested in the podcast. The room should be sound-proof and provided with all kinds of multimedia facilities.
  • Reception and greeting area– For making the visitors have comfortable seating; it is required to build an open area of reception with a counter. Here the visitor can put an inquiry and expect a host for guiding him to the main office.
  • Phone rooms– For giving privacy to the employees, the company may arrange a separate phone room where they can attend phone calls.
  • Kitchen– To allow the employees to make food or heating the home-cooked food, a cosy kitchen is a nice option. It may be provided with electrical appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker and snacks. Sometimes the workers need to stay at the office for the entire night to meet the deadline of the work. And letting them work hard in an empty stomach is not ethical.
  • Common area– A relaxing environment is a must for taking a short break from monotonous work. A common room with a sofa set and music system is a good option to give a home-like feeling to the employees.

Once the targeted goals are achieved, the owner is now all set to shift to a bigger office and provide enough opportunities to the faithful employees for future growth. Till now certain big companies have started their journey in this way.

Conclusions:  In conclusion, it is worthy to say that a small initiative is sufficient to make big changes. It all lies in the useful work conducted by the office unit irrespective of the fact that whether the office space is large or small.