AC Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

portrait of mid-adult male technician repairing air conditioner

If you are currently mulling the installation of a new air conditioning machine at your home or office, then you should make yourself aware of the common mistakes committed during or before the installation. Today, during the post we will walk you through the same. Make sure you are taking notes and avoiding them. Read on!

Not prioritising the size

You have decided to install an AC in your home or office. So, what is the first thing that you need to consider? The size of the AC – of course! There is no dearth of professionals engaged in AC Installation in Lane Cove. However, you need to ensure that when it comes to choosing the size it is you, who is taking a call. The choice of the wrong size might as well lead to energy efficiency issues and a dysfunctional AC. If you are choosing a size that is too big for your home – there are chances of short-cycling. On the other hand, if the machine is too small for your house, then it will be rendered dysfunctional way too soon owing to overwork. 

Not choosing the right area for the thermostat

That is one of the commonest mistakes associated with AC Installation in Lane Cove quite frankly because of the fact most of us are not aware of the fact that the positioning of the thermostat affects the functioning of the HVAC system. Your AC might just end up working harder than what it is supposed to do. The ideal location of your thermostat is a place that is fairly far away from air vents, where the sun hardly reaches. Be sure to regulate its temperature, to ensure the performance accuracy of your AC.  

Not ensuring proper drainage system

The air conditioning system while in operation creates a fair amount of moisture, which needs to be properly filtered out. If not, the moisture ends up spoiling everything in its vicinity including the back-up pipes and drywall via mould growth. What more? The mould leaves a musty smell as well. 

So, do make sure that you are investing in a proper drainage system during AC Installation in Lane Cove. With an experienced professional out there to help you, the drainage system should not be a problem. Make sure you are guided by a highly professional installer. Finding one might require substantial research from your end. Do make sure that you are working in accordance. In fact, not spending due time in finding the right professional remains another common mistake associated with AC Installation in Lane Cove. Do not commit the mistake of settling for random services.  

Not investing in proper ductwork

Ductwork remains a very important part of AC Installation in Lane Cove. Do make sure that you. With improper ductwork sealing your AC air might slip out leading to overwork and unnecessary loss of energy. Make sure all the cracks in the ductwork are closed with permanent sealers. In this regard, do remember that tapes are only temporary solutions. 

Last but not the least, the importance of finding the right professional cannot be undermined. You can rest assured that with the right guidance, all the aforementioned mistakes can be avoided.