Adding Value With Decking In Baulkham Hills

Decking Baulkham Hills

Decking has become an increasingly popular way for homeowners in Baulkham Hills and surrounding suburbs to add value and extra living space to their properties. With its leafy, hilled geography, Baulkham Hills is ideal for making the most of outdoor decking areas. This article explores the benefits of decking and things to consider when installing decking in Baulkham Hills.

Benefits Of Decking

Decking provides a flexible outdoor living area that can be used for entertaining, dining, relaxing or even exercising. By elevating the deck above the ground, homeowners can take better advantage of views without obstacles. Decking also enables better utilization of space, allowing homeowners to carve out usable areas on slopes or tricky spots of land. 

Other Benefits Include:

  • Added Property Value – decking is a home improvement that can boost resale value.
  • Weather Protection – decking allows one to enjoy the outdoors even in light rain. 
  • Durability – with the right materials, decking can last for decades.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – decking enhances the look and feel of a home.

Decking Materials

There are various material options when installing decking in Baulkham Hills, each with its own characteristics. Timber remains a very popular choice, allowing for versatility in stains and finishes. Composite wood decking has grown in popularity, offering added durability and less maintenance. Aluminium is also used by some homeowners, praised for its lightweight feel, low maintenance and resilience.

Those seeking a natural look tend to opt for timber, while those wanting something robust and fade-resistant lean towards composite materials. Discussing the pros and cons of different decking materials with an experienced deck builder is advisable before installing.

Design Considerations

When it comes to decking design, Baulkham Hills homeowners must consider aspects like intended use, size, shape, elevation and integration with the home. Decking can be designed for dining, relaxing, entertainment, multi-purpose or even as pool surrounds. The positioning may optimize sunlight, views or privacy as key priorities. 

Layouts can utilize corners, follow the home’s contours or jut out at angles. Elevated, split-level and tiered designs also work well on sloping blocks in the area. Handrails, benches, planters and even fire pits can also be seamlessly incorporated. Professional deck builders in the Hills District can translate unique visions into reality.

Blending decking with the existing home aesthetic regarding finishes, materials, and colours is also important. Most opt to complement or match the home’s scheme, but some intentionally contrast it to make the deck ‘pop’. Getting decking right can extend a home’s living space beautifully.

Finding A Deck Builder

There are many deck builders operating in the Baulkham Hills district. Friends and neighbours may provide referrals. Online reviews also help identify quality builders with expertise in materials and designs tailored to local properties.


Decking allows Baulkham Hills residents to make the most of their blocks, unlocking extra living potential. With numerous design possibilities and the area’s natural landscapes, decking brings lifestyle appeal. By selecting the right materials and professional installation, homeowners can enjoy their new entertainment spaces for years to come.