Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring Over The Standard timber flooring Baulkham Hills

It looks like every homeowner is concentrating on installing the timber flooring Baulkham Hills. And why not? It is quicker to install, resist water damage, and resist regular wear and tear, with extreme innate strength. Does it sound like the ideal flooring material? Then you have not yet met the engineered timber flooring material.

Not only you, but many others like you are not yet aware of the new type of timber flooring, which is a high-tech flooring option altogether. If you search online, you will come across some of the most common options of engineered timber floors like the Prestige Oak or the Maison Rustique Oak. But what are these materials? And how are these structures different from the regular timber wood?

  1. Understanding the engineered version:

Before searching for the engineered timber flooring near meyou need to know what the material is. The rich and luxurious look of the flooring is enough to shout out loud that the version is definitely better than the standard timber floors. But in this case, looks are deceiving. Believe it or not, the engineered version has the top part of real wood. The underneath layers comprise thin layers of plywood. 

  • Manufacturers design the top and bottom layers in pure and natural wood. 
  • The middle core is of plywood that consists of five to seven layers that crisscross and goes in different directions. 
  • Glue is the medium of attachment of the layers of the plywood. 

The result is an aesthetically pleasing version of the timber flooring Baulkham Hills which has the same characteristics and durability as natural timber floors. 

2. Increase installation options:

Engineered layers of timber will provide the necessary stability for the flooring installation even in a volatile environment. Solid hardwood is not always suitable for installation at many places where the engineered version can work well. For instance, the installation of the engineered version is possible over the radiant heating systems, concrete floors, or basements. 

  • Versatile option regardless of the nature of the area. 
  • Durability is high with higher tolerance to temperature and moisture changes. 

The engineered timber flooring near me will help you to install the highly developed system wherever you want.

3. No subfloor requirement:

You will be surprised and glad to hear that you don’t need another plywood subfloor to install the engineered timber flooring. The installers will directly install this flooring on the concrete. So the cost of installation will immediately come down as you don’t have to buy plywood for creating the subfloor. 

4. Affordable option:

If finance has been a constraint for you, then installing the timber flooring Baulkham Hills would have been a matter of much expense. But with the introduction of the engineered timber material, there has been a higher demand for the material among people with financial limitations. It is not as expensive as the original timber. 

Now that you know about the key advantages of the engineered timber wood flooring over the standard one, you can hire the best installers for the specially engineered wood.