All Eyes Are On Your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

frameless glass pool fencing

Nowadays, no one can get away with neglecting all the safety norms in the swimming pools. If you have a pool in your living area, the first thing you have to do is to construct a safety barrier around the entire pool area. This is a must for everyone like you as per the Australian federal pool fencing laws. According to those Australian authorities, this is to say that your swimming pool should be safe and free from any accident. Australian Pool Fencing Rules dictate as follows:

  • Any man-made structure containing water to the depth of more than 300mm can be called a swimming pool
  • The pool fence should be at least 1.2m high
  • More importantly, the pool fence must have a minimum of 900mm Non-Climbable Zone

Even your kids and relatives’ kids should be protected from accidental events like unauthorized access to the pool and accidental falls into the pool. This is their game plan. Of course, you have a lot of options to choose your best fencing system for your pool. Most homemakers like you prefer frameless glass pool fencing to others. Given its characteristics like strength, durability, powerful safety net, and versatility, this glass pool fencing system can be your perfect selection, to begin with.

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Glass Pool Fencing?

The good news is that many homemakers have realised the importance of building a safety fence around the pool to prevent their children or toddlers from falling down into the pool. This is a step in the right direction. But how to go about it? Which fencing could be your best fit? These are some questions running through my mind now. You have the immediate answers here. Just keep on reading. Please find below the advantages of the frameless glass pool fencing:

  • Meeting standards: Frameless glass pool fencing meets all the standards set out by Australian authorities.
  • Style & Substance: Glass pool fencing not only gives an aesthetic look to your atmosphere but also helps you keep tabs on your wards from a distance.
  • As strong as ever: Having been heated to over 700 degrees, tempered glass is strong and robust. So is your frameless glass pool fencing. It can withstand any random crack or external threats like weather conditions.
  • As your guardian: Sometimes you should avoid more air coming into you for various reasons. In fact, your frameless glass pool fencing acts as a windbreak for example to keep the cool wind out of you.
  • No maintenance: Glass pool fencing never rusts by nature. As a result, you don’t have to paint your fence. This will save you a lot of money. All you can do then is to just clean the fence using a detergent solution as and when required.

Glass Pool Fencing Is Your Deciding Factor

Now, you might have understood a string of benefits from the glass pool fencing. Just start jotting those details down on paper and compare if you want. Only then will you be able to come to a conclusion about your deciding factor. 

But don’t forget those arrays of features and benefits of the frameless glass pool fencing.