All You Need To Know About Asbestos Removal In Australia

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Asbestos is a commonly used mineral for construction work. It is an organically formed mineral that is found in a rock formation in nature. Three types of asbestos are mined in Australia. These are brown, blue, and white asbestos. The use of asbestos in construction work reached a spike in the 1990s in Australia. Mixed with cement, asbestos is used to make wall claddings, ceilings, and eaves. Friable asbestos found in soft powder form is used for heat-resistant fabrics, soundproofing, roofing insulation, textured paint, plaster sealant, and backing material for floor tiles. 

The risk posed by asbestos removal:

Asbestos removal can pose quite a few dangers. Hence whether it is Asbestos Removal In Chatswood or asbestos removal in Sydney or other parts of Australia, there are strict processes and safety measures to be followed. Inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause severe damage to the lungs. Lungs can be severely affected by asbestos. Lung tissues can get scarred with inflammation and other more serious diseases. 

Here is an overview of the four major diseases caused by asbestos:

  1. Asbestosis: This is a chronic condition caused by inflammation and scarring of the lungs. Symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and damage to the lungs.
  2. Lung cancer: The development of malignant tumours on the lining of the tubes connecting the lungs. This can be fatal.
  3. Pleural plaques: This happens when the outer lining of the lung forms scar tissues that are white in colour. This is one of the initial effects of asbestos exposure and damages some lung functions. 
  4. Mesothelioma: Well, this kind is a rare form of cancer. In mesothelioma, the tissues that line the body cavities in the abdomen and chest get severely affected.

Precautions that you should take while removing the asbestos cement products:

  • Ensure that the area you are working in has good ventilation. If feasible, try working in the open air, however, not on windy days.
  • Make sure the area you are working in is isolated from the rest of the house.
  • Make sure you wet the material containing asbestos before you begin work. While working you should regularly spray the surfaces with water or a 1:10 polyvinyl acetate (PVA).
  • Use hand tools that are manually operated and do not need electricity (for example, hand-powered drill or hand saw) as they produce less amount dust, and the waste chips are coarser and bigger and hence do not mix with the air.
  • While removing the asbestos, you should take care are bring out the nails from the asbestos sheet with minimal breakage and then laying it down carefully on top of two-layered polythene sheeting that is 0.2mm thick.
  • After removal, dispose of the protecting gear that you wore while working.
  • Make sure you shower and wash your hair well after the removal process and even if you have used gloves, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Notify your neighbours about keeping their doors and windows closed when asbestos is being removed.
  • Clean the work area with water or a vacuum cleaner.

There are many companies for asbestos removal in Chatswood and across Australia that are trained at asbestos removal and provide premium service at a minimal cost. These removal companies are registered and have a license from the Australian government to carry out these services.