All You Need To Know Before Installing Sliding Fire Doors

sliding fire doors Sydney

At present, safety plays an important role in commercial properties. So, whether you work in the healthcare, education, commercial, government, hospitality, or industrial field, having the right fire safety is important for the design of this building. So, fire doors are a vital component of fire protection and fire safety plans. The main purpose of these doors is to stop or slow down the smoke and fire from spreading in a building. This allows the occupants enough time to vacate the building safely.

There are situations, where the traditional side-hung doors are not practicable, especially where some large openings are needed in the walls to allow for moving equipment or plant, vehicles, people, and machinery effectively. And the sliding fire doors in Sydney are perfect for these cases.

About the sliding fire doors:

Usually, these fire doors are kept open and these are only closed in case of fire. Therefore, these doors are linked to the emergency systems of the buildings that are activated automatically when smoke, fire, warning alarm/system is triggered. Now let’s have a look at the popular types of sliding fire doors available.

  1. Triple sliding or parallel sliding doors: These are the right choices when the property lacks space. The main reason behind it is that these doors are often worked as a divider or makeshift wall in the space.
  2. Bi-parting or double sliding doors: This type of fire door is perfect for the passageway or door that is larger but has limited space and therefore hinged doors can’t be added.
  3. Single leaf sliding doors: These sliding fire doors in Sydney are the most perfect option for buildings where the fire doors to be installed in the tight corridors or buildings with limited entryway space.

How to choose the right sliding fire door for properties?

Choosing a sliding fire door can depend on different types of factors that are derived from the building requirements, the design of the door to function, and the requirements of the customers. Another important thing to consider is how the fire door is used.

So, here are the factors that should be considered in this regard:

  • Opening size: The size of the sliding fire doors in Sydney can decide the type of sliding door you will need.
  • Temperature rise rating: This rating defines how long the fire doors can control the fire heat. And checking this rating is important in the places where people have to pass by in case of a fire. Remember that different types of doors have different types of ratings.
  • Insulation:Different fire doors come with different types of insulation that offer different degrees of temperature rise protection. Based on your building necessities, you may require some particular insulation.
  • Availability of clearance:The availability of headroom is another important factor to consider when choosing an important sliding fire door. The availability of the headroom decides the way how the door operating system is setup. Besides, the availability of clearance can also help you to select the right type of sliding fire door.