Wood Look Tiles – A Good Choice for Bathrooms?

Tile goes through rigorous testing. Tile has been around for many decades, so you know it has staying power. But to be sure, it’s up to snuff, and tiles are put through rigorous tests before they’re approved for use in construction projects. These include salt spray tests that simulate years of exposure to ocean air and freeze/thaw cycles that simulate the heating and cooling over time. Wood look tile for the bathroom is a natural choice. Still, it’s also a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes and countertops. Wood look porcelain tiles can give your kitchen and bathroom an inviting and warm look and feel. Wood look tile is made to resemble real wood in both colour and texture. 

Many Different Types Of Wood Can Be Used To Create This Tile, Some Are Listed Below


Hickory is available in light and dark tones and is often mixed with white or brown for a more naturalistic effect. Hickory is abundant in the United States and is one of the most widely used woods for furniture.

The grain of the wood is usually very straight, which makes this wood option ideal for flooring applications. You can find hickory in large planks in natural colours and in the “semi-precious” colours like reds, pinks and yellows.


Walnut is another popular choice that comes in light or dark tones. Walnut has a unique grain pattern that looks great when put into wood look tiles because it creates a unique pattern on your flooring or wall. Walnut is more expensive than some other options like maple because it is less abundant than others.

How Is It Made?

The right tile can be the deciding factor for your bathroom design, especially when you’re trying to create an impression of luxury. Wood-look tile is one of the most wanted high-end looks, but it isn’t always easy to find the best ones. The key is finding tiles with the right combination of durability, performance and aesthetics.

Wood-look tile isn’t wood as that would be a terrible choice for flooring material. Instead, it’s made from ceramic or porcelain. It’s fired at a high temperature to give it a nice finish and seal the surface against moisture damage. While this doesn’t make the tile completely waterproof, it does keep moisture from affecting the surface or getting through to the support structure beneath it.

Things To Consider

Wood look tile in the bathroom is a popular choice for commercial and residential spaces because it can work with virtually any decor style. Tile comes in an array of colours, shapes and sizes, so you can find the right kind to fit your space. Behind those stylish surfaces, though, wood-look tile is as hard as nails. Wood look tile offers a unique and elegant design that will add stunning detail to any bathroom.

Here Are Things You Might Want To Look For When Opting For Wood Tile:

Price: One of the most attractive features of bathroom wall tiles is their low price compared to real wood flooring. However, be aware that you will pay more for tiles in larger sizes and colours other than beige and brown.

Wood Grain: Most wood look tiles have a “faux” or “artificial” grain, so do not expect them to match the look of real wood. The grain patterns vary from tile to tile and can even vary across the same tile depending on the cut. If you want a matching pattern, plan and order all your tiles at once so you know they will coordinate with each other.

Varying Degrees Of Realism: Tiles that look like real wood can cost much more than tiles with an artificial grain pattern. The detail and texture in various wood look tile designs vary widely, so check out samples before buying large quantities.

Application Of These Tiles

Wood-look tiles are very easy to find. They are obtainable in a variety of different styles and colours. If you prefer wood but do not want to worry about scratches or other issues involving real wood, these tiles are a great option for you. Wood-look tiles come in many different options too. There are tiles with straight edges, tiles with bevelled edges and even some that have interlocking edges. These types of tiles are often referred to as “wood look porcelain.” Porcelain is just another word for ceramic tile. One of the crucial things to remember is that these tiles will look like wood but not wood.

These tiles can make your bathroom look great, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when installing them. The first two things you want to think about involve installation and cleaning. You should make sure the floor where you plan to put the tile is flat and level before installing it. This will make sure the tile does not crack or break during installation or when someone walks on it. You might also want to ensure that the area where you plan on putting the tile gets plenty of light every day. This will help your grout stay clean looking longer than it would otherwise.