Bathroom Vanity Cabinets-Give Your Washroom A Spacious Look

Home decor is a incomplete without the upgraded bathroom decoration. A bathroom decor is also in imperfect without the contemporary bathroom vanities. Faucets, sinks,  basins, stylish cabinets are all which you can cherish.  

Floating Vanity Cabinets

Though it is small in size but the floating modern design is extremely spacious and holds many utilities. The large counter of the vanity or the centre drawers is for the laundry storage. Moreover, the other drawers on the left side are the house for toiletries and the toothbrushes. This facilitates easy cleaning and are quite spacious.

Sleek Open Shelves

Open storage shelves are not only the ideal contemporary style but also it adds a spa-like feeling to your bathroom. Expose your taste with these gorgeous open vanities. The open shelves are the perfect towels. The drawers will offer space to hold your bath essentials and other hygiene products.

The stylish mirror cabinet

Modern and sleek, the bathroom vanities Sydney  floating vanities are the ideal for storage. The mirror display in the front will also compliment the look. The  mirror of the bathroom vanities Sydney will help you to track each of your skincare activities like shaving, face clean-up, etc.

Custom made Mirror Wall Cabinets

The custom made mirror wall cabinets are an excellent option. As they are custom made the space allotment including the mirror size can be decided by you. These cabinets are another way to give your bathroom a modern and exceptional stylish appeal. 

The glass transparent wall hanging mirror cabinets

The glass cabinets are best recommended for the modern sassy makeover. The shelves on the sides are made of glasses with a glass door closure. Thus, you can flaunt your toiletries and other stylish cosmetics placed on the rack. The light display will illuminate the whole piece making it more vibrant and gorgeous.

Antique Wooden Mirror Cabinets

The wooden hanging mirror wall cabinets is perfect for the antique decor. If you are a person who treasure vintage pieces for the interior decor then there is nothing better than this. These bathroom vanities Sydney are perfect to protect your shower time products and the strong wooden frame will also compliment your taste.

The ultra sleek mirror cabinets

These pieces of cabinets are breaking the stereotypes!! They cabinets does not come attached to the mirror. Instead, they come in two different pieces. 

The cabinet sections are spacious enough to hold your bath accessories like towels, bathrobes, etc. It also have ample spaces for the cosmetics. On the other, hand the mirror fitted in the wall will give you a perfect glimpse of your morning face. 

The bathroom vanities are the ultimate accessories of bathroom decor. They come in different styles and shapes. Their wide variety of styles will compliment your home decor in many ways. They will reflect your taste. Besides, a creative bathroom decor will leave your guests awestruck.

Give it a try and feel the difference!! For more such ideas browse the bathroom vanities  Sydney ideas.