Benefits And Contribution Of Ethanol To Mankind


Ethanol is used as a fuel in the day to day life of mankind. It is used in the transportation, industries, factories and the food industry amongst several others. It is produced naturally from corn.  It can be used in its natural form and can be refined to meet the requirements. 

Man has come to be dependent on ethanol and to understand its useful contributions. It is soon being replaced in place of gasoline and other fossil fuels. This article tells us all about the benefits and contributions of ethanol over the years.

  • Lesser Combustion Emissions:

Ethanol can effectively reduce the total impact of combustible emissions that is common in fuels such as gasoline, petrol, and other fossil fuels. This makes it a popular choice for vehicles as it saves the environment and does not require much maintenance over time.

When it comes to Ethanol, the extent of spillage is lesser when compared to other fuels. It naturally blends in with the environment as it is a natural product, made from corn. It takes just 5 days for it to integrate with the surroundings without causing further harm to man, animals, or properties.

  • By-products Of Ethanol:

Ethanol also produces by-products that are used in various applications. The by-products created include carbon dioxide and dried distillers’ grains. Dried distillers grains are commonly referred to as DDG.


The carbon dioxide by-product is used in various industries especially in the creation of dry ice and for freezing purposes. This makes it advantageous for ice cream and cold storage requirements. It is also popularly used as an agent in various manufacturing processes and Systems. On the other hand, DDG is commonly used in food stocks for animals.

This is added to the animals and other livestock. 

  • Ethanol Can Be Put To The Existing infrastructures:

Creating a new infrastructure can be quite a herculean task. Ethanol can easily be produced using already existing resources and infrastructure. The same pipelines, manufacturing units, Refineries and supply facilities used for other fossil fuels can be made use for ethanol. The infrastructure can be easily modified to meet the current needs. 

  • Energy Balanced Fuel:

Ethanol is widely preferred in several applications due to its energy balanced properties. Ethanol can be produced from various other resources such as sugarcane. Several units of energy can be derived from just a single unit of ethanol.

In addition to this, there has been the development of another form of ethanol known as the cellulosic ethanol. The generation of energy from ethanol depends upon the type of production method used.  The energy produced from the fuel is more effective for specific production methods.

  • Ethanol Can Be Derived From Other Sources As Well:

Ethanol fuel does not have to be derived just from corn. It can be derived from sugarcane as well. While other forms of Ethanol such as the cellulosic ethanol can be derived from cellulose or other parts of the plant and its fibres.