Buying Garbage Liners Wholesale: High Or Low-Density Liners – Which Is Better?

When shopping for garbage liners wholesale, you’ll receive two options – high or low-density liners. Let’s explore which one’s better suited for your home.

Finding the perfect garbage bags or liners for your recycling bins can be tricky. Ideally, your liners should help you collect and safely dispose of large amounts of trash. There are two types of garbage liners to choose from – low-density and high-density. 

Technically, both of these liners are good at collecting large amounts of trash and aiding their safe disposal. But, when you’re buying garbage liners wholesale, other factors like cost and long-term quality come into play. 

Plus, sticking to either low-density or high-density garbage liners will make your shopping process easier. There’s no second-guessing. You can directly buy whichever of the two you prefer whenever you need to re-stock your cleaning supplies. 

So, which type of garbage liner is more suited for your waste disposal needs? Let’s explore the two in-depth to find out.

Low-Density Garbage Liners in a Nutshell

Low-density garbage liners are also known as Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) trash bags. They’re famous for being extremely flexible and thick. More importantly, these garbage liners are puncture-resistant. 

  • They don’t tear easily, whether you store construction debris or sharp pieces of kitchen trash (e.g., glass shards). That’s why these light, flexible, and tear-resistant garbage liners are often used to dispose of sharp, jagged, and irregularly-shaped items. 
  • Any industry that produces solid waste (glass, metal, wood, etc.) uses these garbage liners. That includes the construction industry, hospitality industry, metal fabrication industry, and manufacturing industry.  Buying low-density garbage liners wholesale is common practice for companies in these industries. 
  • Homeowners use these garbage liners as well. Over the past two decades, low-density garbage liners have become increasingly popular in regular households. They’re super-durable and can be easily fitted inside wheeled trash cans. No matter how much users drag or stretch their low-density garbage liners, they don’t tear or puncture. 

The best quality of low-density garbage liners is their user-friendliness. That’s why every leading garbage bags manufacturer now offers these liners.

High-Density Garbage Liners in a Nutshell

High-density garbage liners are also known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) garbage liners. These garbage bags are manufactured in a completely different way than low-density garbage liners.

  • High molecular density resins are put through incredibly low pressures. This produces plastic sheets made of tightly packed molecules. Hence, high-density garbage liners are very stretch-resistant. 
  • The molecule branches in these liners face in only one direction. To change their direction (basically, tear the garbage bags apart), users have to apply a lot of pressure. That’s why high-density garbage liners are well-suited to carry heavy loads. No matter how much pressure the heavy loads apply on the liners, they don’t stretch or tear easily. 
  • Most of the clear garbage bags you see in grocery stores are high-density bags. They’re suited to carry grocery items, wet clothing, and other heavy items. 

However, the stretch-resistant nature of these bags also makes them prone to tears and punctures. Even slightly sharp or jagged items can tear through high-density trash bags. 

If your home/office produces sharp pieces of trash (e.g., metal cans, glass, etc.), using high-density bags doesn’t make sense. One small tear can cause a major garbage leak and put you in unnecessary trouble.

Which Garbage Bags Are Better?

High-density clear garbage bags are not ideal for waste disposal. Their clear appearance, crinkly feel, and ability to hold heavy items make them helpful in other scenarios. They’re also cheaper than high-density garbage liners. 

But, when you’re buying garbage liners wholesale, you want the trash bags to provide reliable, safe, and long-lasting services. Low-density garbage liners offer all of those qualities. 

These bags are exceptionally strong, flexible, and can handle all types of waste materials. Find a reliable garbage bags manufacturer and buy high-quality low-density garbage liners for your home now!