What is the scope of industrial and product design in India?

The scope for Industrial and product designing in India go way beyond then you can even imagine. A sophisticated design adds value to the product’s worth. It is what creates emotional contact between the product and the customer. In modern times, product design is necessary for enhancing the product’s appearance and value to create the best user experience. There is a lot of pressure on designers to design products elegantly, with no compromise on style. People demand industries and brands to come up with innovative products. Look for a product designing institute in Mumbai, provides the optimal courses for anyone with a desire to learn artistic product designing.

Over the years, many institutes are set up in India to bring forward contemporary designers to compete with the global market trends. The institutes in Mumbai are so far for learning product designing. These design institutes are the base of the Indian designing Industry. Great minds build these institutions, keeping in mind the upsurging scope of designing. In the past few years, there has been a massive demand for product designers in India to make their industrial products standout in the market. These days, the Product designing industry in Mumbai is on the next level. Various Indian companies and industries are always in need of the finest designers to deliver robust products to their customers.

Classy products

The importance of product designing lies in the inimitability of products. That means people can have a variety of products. Product designers are the key factor for manufacturing industrial products. May it be cell phones, furniture, home appliances, medical equipment, automobiles, they render their services in all industries. 

There is no end to industrial designing scope. The prime idea behind all this is to convert vague products into fully functional and elegant-looking products to enhance the grace of the person who uses them. And in all this, the product designer plays a significant role. He is the mastermind who is well-equipped with powerful skills like creativity, innovation, and marketing research to bring out what customers desire.

 Scope for designers

 The future of designers is secure in the product designing field. There are many positives in this demanding field. Besides this, most industries don’t like switching designers again and again, which gives designers the comfort of job security. Getting enrolled for the Raffles product designing course is also necessary for business-oriented people for manufacturing and selling new products. Getting a job in this demanding area is rather easy, as product designing covers an immense horizon of industries. Industrial and product designing has an array of applications which showers stunning versatility on all kinds of products ranging from sports items to classic jewellery.

 Raffles top-notch course

Considering the broad scope of designing, plenty of institutes offer designing courses. If you think you have the innovative spark in you, enrol now to the best course Raffles designing course in India. Above all, there is no match for this exceptional course. The outstanding instructors of this course cover all aspects of product designing remarkably. Moreover, this is one of the best Product Designing institute in Mumbai, proving to be a beacon of light for enthusiastic people. The best part is that you will get hands-on training in all aspects of product designing, along with CAD software. Become an efficient designer with Raffle’s designing courses and cater to the needs of industries.

Get yourself acquainted with this essential and in-demand field in India known as product designing. Jump-start your career as a product designer to improve other people’s lives with your expertise and innovative ideas.

Top 5 Business & Data Analytics Trends for 2021

It is the beginning of a new decade, yet the last two decades have contributed a lot to the business sector. A revolution is seen in business intelligence. People move from offline storage to cloud storage with various advancements and data analytics trends. It also assists in the enhancement of strategic decision-making policy. Business intelligence is proved to be effective in terms of managing data solutions, which further provides more smart decisions related to business. Due to this revolution, the demand for business data analytics courses has seen a surge in the past few years. 

Here, you will find some exponential trends to dominate in 2021

Enhance the data security

Nowadays, everyone wants to secure their data and information. It is a matter of international discussion; hence, we are discovering new privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, and the USA has adopted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCP). These policies are setting a block for data security and management of personal information. By adopting these vital measurements, the world’s business will be more stringent data security.

Real-time data and analytics

There is an increase in the demand for real-time data & analytics this year, and it is expected to continue in the future. This development is providing key-features and plans in response to the situation once it arises. In the upcoming days, we are expecting to discover more real-time data that the government and business sectors will use. Many companies around the globe are looking for candidates holding a degree in masters in business analytics for better growth.

Data Cloud Service

With the various advancements in business data and analytics, this pandemic period has arisen numerous demands. Especially for the companies that don’t need regular human contact for their workflow. In response to that, companies are adopting SaaS Bi technology to obtain flexible access to data on cloud service. Various people with a master’s in data analytics are suggested to shift towards cloud services. A technology that allows the free movement of data and can have handy access from anywhere. The demand for master in data analytics has seen a great rise with the growth in data cloud services. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the all-rounder advancement in technology in the world. AI is one of the major trends in the business and data analytics sectors. With the combination of AI and advanced engineering and focusing on security, Artificial intelligence is the science that focuses on preparing the machines to perform the task that human intelligence is doing in business. Hence, machine learning and AI is the trending and revolutionary step in the way we deal with analytics and management of data.

Actionable Data

The information that provides sufficient ideas for the future or on which we can act as the Actionable data. It is data that is processed and analyzed to present a clear version that is more useful. People holding master’s in business analytics consider actionable data as business intelligence. 

Business Intelligence is the conversion of collected raw information into actionable values for the business.  The business generates thousands of gigabytes of data regularly. Capturing and managing data for companies creates a knock to knock benefit in improving clients’ services. This trend will grow in the upcoming years with huge demand. For better growth in the future look for masters in business data analytics and give your career a boost. 

Myths About Becoming An Interior Designer

Interior Designing has emerged as a quite popular course in the country in recent times. It aims to improve the standard of living and quality of life. A professional interior design course college in Mumbai will provide information about career opportunities to aspiring candidates because it is important to do proper research before entering any field. 

There are certain myths that people form about a course but you must resolve the queries from a trusted source. Before entering an interior designing institute, make sure that you are aware of the realities of the interior designing world. Some of the common myths formed around this course are mentioned below.

  • Designing means decoration

The majority of people think that interior design is all about decorating the home and does not have any technicalities attached to it. Because of this notion, many people don’t pursue interior design degree courses. It is often thought that being a decorative task, it can be done on one’s own and there is no need to pay for it.

However, the reality is that interior design brings positive vibes to the interiors and it can only be performed by someone who possesses the knowledge of Vastu, architecture, and Feng Shui. And this information can only be processed if you pursue an interior designing course.

  • Target clients should be rich

This is the most common myth that revolves around interior design. According to a major faction of society, interior designing can only be afforded by rich people. 

But this is not the case. Anyone can approach interior designers and tell them about their budget. It can be done within any budget.

  • Female profession

It is thought that the interior designing course is something meant for females only. Hence, it is preferred that the course should be opted for by girls only. This is not the reality. There is a good percentage of men working in this industry and the field is open to all types of gender. You just have to be confident and interested in pursuing this field and you are good to design homes.

  • Give up on existing furniture and fixture

If you think interior designing means giving up on the existing furniture then you are wrong. An experienced and qualified interior designer always utilizes the existing material and will never tell you to get rid of them. Such technicalities of keeping reusable material and promoting sustainable living are something that is taught in interior designing institutes in Mumbai to help you become a good interior designer.

  • It is all about being creative

Interior designing is not just composed of the creativity element rather this field also offers several administrative and communicative jobs. A high-quality interior design course in Mumbai will provide knowledge about all the aspects of interior design and will help you specialize in certain sectors. The basics of craft and education about various designing techniques are something that will make your portfolio impressive and will help you in getting a job.

Always try to research and know about the complexities and advantages that a field offers and never form opinions on your own. Look for a college which can offer the best and professional skills after enrolling for the interior design degree course.

Top Career Options After Masters In Business Analytics

The business world is flourishing and so is the data along with it. The large amount of data produced is no doubt an asset for the companies but to manage it efficiently, there is a requirement to employ analytics to aid in the decision-making abilities. If you are driven towards the field of business and like to get involved in business strategies then you can pursue a master’s in business analytics and get the profession of your choice. There are many career options once you study analytics and this profession has gained a lot of popularity.


3 major things are taught in business analytics. These are explained below


  • Statistical Techniques

This includes the study of concepts like standard deviation, mean, and much more.


  • Operations Research

It involves the study of methodologies like linear programming.


  • Information System Software

This includes processes like sorting and data mining. 


All these three categories help in knowing about the technicalities of the business world and have made analytics an essential part of the business firms. The corporations use business analytics to enhance their company’s performance by taking their advice in the decision-making processes. It also increases the rate of profitability.


The statistics exhibit that the demand for business analytics has increased in recent times. This is also because the complexities in the business world have increased along with the uncertainties. Several institutions offer masters in business analytics in Singapore that help the aspirants to enhance and develop certain skills required for being successful in this field.


What are the career opportunities?


After doing a master’s in business analytics, there are a lot of options to explore. Some of them are listed below.


  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Management Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist


An MBA degree aims to enhance the core business concepts of the students and also focuses on data-driven tools that lead to evidence-based practice. It helps you to see the big picture ahead and take decisions depending on that. It lets you understand the logic and complexities associated with the decision-making process. You get to work on several projects and get experience. Several case studies help in getting conceptual clarity.


Data Analysis Training


The data analysis training is done in three parts and can help you with your workplace requirements. The different types of training are mentioned below.


  • Predictive Analysis

This type of training involves the assessment of future performance that is based on historical data.


  • Descriptive Analysis

This involves the understanding of the situation between the past and present business position and functionality.


  • Prescriptive Analysis

It involves the formulation of the optimization strategy to enhance the performance of the business.


The main skills that you need to develop include visualization skills, cloud solutions, risk management, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytical approaches. The course masters in business analytics serve the purpose of getting you equipped with all these skills and attain success in this field. Grab the opportunity and sign up for the course to move ahead with your career.


Everything You Need To Know Before Applying To Study in Australia

Celebrated as one of the sunniest countries and fast-advancing economies in the world, Australia is one of the best destinations for education for students globally. The educational institutions here will have an impressive reputation, especially if you are considering the 6 top universities in Australia holding the top list in the world. However, you should be aware of certain factors before taking up the decision to set Australia as the destination to pursue your higher education. Continue reading to find them! 

Know About the Country 

Every country in the globe is unique in its own way. Australia is one of the countries where you can feel free to communicate with people and easily adapt to the nature of the country. The best way to know more about the country is to first seek information from the people who have already been to the destination. A half an hour conversation will teach you more about being in Australia and studying there. 

Requirement Over the Languages 

Australian educational courses are taught in English, and so you have to succeed in the English test. You have to submit proof of the English Language capabilities to ensure that you can understand the course that is usually taught in English. However, the requirement of the English language skills will differ based on the universities, and this will create an impact on the visa process. Look for the studying and training visas for finding more information and look for the university’s website for the specific requirement. You can also discuss with the study abroad consultants Australia to know about the unique information. 

Student Healthcare Cover 

Australia is the country that will ask you for the special system of health cover for an international student, which is said to be the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It will help you to pay for the medical bills and emergency ambulance covers in Australia. Further, you should also purchase OSHC for yourself and family members who are traveling with you. It is mandatory to have this OSHC during the complete period of the student visa. You can find more information about the insurance on the respective website or seek assistance from the study abroad consultants for Australia.


If you want to find a place in Australia, you have to register with the international affairs ministry and the Indian embassy. This is the legal procedure to stay in Australia, and it will also offer you a temporary stay from 24 to 48 hours. The Australian universities will offer you little or no university housing, and so most students prefer live-off campus through the home-stay program. Like other options, you can look for hostels and rental properties as well. 

Earning Options 

Australia will allow the students to work up to 40 hours every 2 weeks when they are in the learning period. You can look for suitable part-time jobs and take up the right one without affecting regular education. 


Melbourne and Sydney are profoundly costly when it comes to traveling, and so the ideal approach to travel is taking up transport like trains, trams, and busses. Besides, when you have an ISIC card, it will be more helpful for traveling, dining out, and even shopping. 

To Sum Up 

Moving to other countries without proper information and guidance will end up with more hassles. The same can be applied to Australia as well. So, looking for the right study in Australia consultant will help guide and assist you to take up the right education till you get settled or return from the destination.

Steps For Applying For Overseas Education In Singapore

Over the years, Singapore is one of the best destinations globally that ranks at the top to pursue higher education for the students in India. Making its mark on the frontlines of the global economy, it has impressive business and management programs when comparing it with several other universities all around the world. However, if you are willing to continue higher education in Singapore, there are lots of factors to be considered to have the right education. Are you one in the list who is willing to pursue an education in Singapore? Here are the steps you have to follow! 

Choose the Right Course and University 

Once you have decided to have your higher education in Singapore, the next step is to select the right course and university. For instance, those who are interested in joining an MBA can opt for the top universities based on various factors. 

Know About the Admission Criteria 

Singaporean universities are on the lookout for candidates having a consistent and sound academic profile. When you have this as the primary consideration, you have to check if your profile satisfies the prerequisites of the program that will take you to the desired space. It is also the step to narrow down the list of universities you can opt for. Every university will evaluate the prospective students individually based on several criteria. It is advisable to quip yourselves to hold such a position. 

Look for the Application Forms 

Several universities will allow you to download the admission forms free of cost from the internet. In some cases, you have to approach the university and be required to proceed with the admission process. So, look for the nature of the targeted university to admit it to the respective university. 

Necessity of Documents 

Depending on some factors, several universities will ask for some documents. You can find this on the university website or speak to the team to know about it. However, a common list of documents you need is as follows. 

  • Application form 
  • School or college transcription 
  • Resume 
  • Scorecards of GMAT/TOFEL/IELTS 
  • Statements of purpose 
  • Financial documents
  • Letter of reference or recommendation 

Application Procedure 

Most universities in Singapore will allow the candidates to upload their applications directly on the website of the respective. So, you can have the right login credentials and upload them. 

Admission Offer 

When the university has evaluated the candidate and ensured that your profile has the required aspects, it will send you an offer letter to your address. Based on the details in the letter, you can proceed with it. 

Look for the Scholarship 

If you are having a graduation course in the Singaporean university, the options are wider where you can have the scholarship. You have to approach the right body that will help you with the process to have it. To make it earlier in the overall process of joining and having a scholarship, you can look for overseas educational consultants Singapore and follow their guidance. This will help you with the best results. 

Have Student Pass 

If you have got the offer letter to join Singapore University, it will take around 10 days for the next process. You have to work with some registration process and have the student pass to move to Singapore for higher education. 

Wrapping it Up 

 Have you now got the crucial steps to undergo to have the right higher education in Singapore? If you are following the right path, you will have bright opportunities to establish the best career with this education. So, ensure you gain more about education in Singapore and approaching the right one for assistance. 

Who Is Eligible For An Interior Design Course And Who Should Do It?

Interior Designing has become a quite popular choice in recent times. Interior designers aim at decorating your interior and making it elegant so that your home looks more aesthetic. The interior designers work along with the architects. Be it a house or your workplace, the interior designers can plan everything and present a layout to start working. From structure, and colour scheme to decoration and furnishing, everything is taken care of by the interior designer.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Those who wish to pursue interior design as their career should have completed class 12th from a recognized board. This is a general criterion set by the colleges offering interior design courses in Mumbai.
  • The majority of the interior design colleges in Mumbai have some additional requirements that suggest that one should have studied Physics and Mathematics as a full-time course in class 12th to apply to this course.
  • Physics and Mathematics could be a part of additional subjects as well. But the study of these subjects is a must if you want to enter the field of interior design.

Ranging from residential to commercial complexes, interior designing finds its application in every sector. There are several skills that an individual needs to develop to be a part of interior design. The interior designing institutes in Mumbai have designed the course in a manner that helps in enhancing the overall personality of students. The various skills that require attention are mentioned below.

  • Good communication skills: It is important to stay vocal when you opt for interior designing as your career option. If you communicate well, you can form a bond with numerous clients. It is a skill to make someone interested in your work and form alliances. Without being interactive, you cannot even serve your customers well.


  • Ability to work according to the budget: Being an interior designer, this is one of the major qualities that one should possess. When a client approaches you, the first thing that he tells you is his budget and you need to provide the best services. It is one of the key qualities that the best interior designer colleges in Mumbai focus on.


  • Teamwork: Another very important quality that needs to be learned while taking interior design classes in Mumbai is how to work in a team. Being an interior designer, you need to work with your team and stay in touch with seniors too to take advice. Cooperation is necessary when you are handling several projects.


  • Proper knowledge of subjects: The interior design institutes offer a variety of subjects whose knowledge is necessary for a student to excel in this field. You cannot perform well in this field if you do not have knowledge about the materials and textures. You will be required to select the best colour combinations and decorative materials based on the ongoing trends. Therefore, it is also very necessary to stay updated with new trends. 


  • Visual Sensitivity: Being an interior designer, you need to be visually sensitive. You should be able to visualize how a property or workplace will look after applying a particular design and pattern. It is also important to know what kind of styles are suitable for offices and homes. Depending on that only, a design is finalized. If you are able to visualize the look and are confident about it, you must go ahead with that.


The interior designing courses teach all the technicalities and materialistic knowledge associated with it. They aid in preparing you for making interior spaces attractive and elegant. You can work as an interior designer or interior decorator once you have completed the course.


What Are The Advantages of Pursuing Career in Product Designing

Product designing comes with ample career opportunities. Upon completing the raffles product designing course from India, you can dream of a bright future for you. The ever-changing industry and technological field have enhanced the demand for product designers. 

Product designers need to develop new 3D products. However, the entire process comprises many other sub-processes, including idea evaluation, development, and analysis. It is also crucial to find out different scopes to develop new products. A good design can change the perception of many things in day-to-day lives. There are connections between technology, science, and art. And product designers must comprehend the same. The raffles product design course in Mumbai prepares students to pursue a great career in the future. 

Product Designing Career

Do you want to create something innovative? Do you want to mark a presence in the industry? Then, becoming an experienced raffle product designer would be a rewarding experience for you. The product designing career revolves around developing a raw design. As a product designer, you would need to create a commercially feasible result from the basic concepts for the utilization in mass manufacture. A career in product designing also comes with great job satisfaction. Moreover, a product designer can opt for a preferred field due to the great value of product designing in almost every field. Nevertheless, sufficient work experience is mandatory to stand out in the competition. 

Product designers get different information regarding a new product. It includes its utilization, target market as well as features. And they need to develop mock-up prototypes accordingly to figure out the design of the actual product. Moreover, product designers must perform a lot of research to succeed. 

Career Prospects In Raffle Product Designing After Completing the Course

You can start your business journey as a raffle product designer after getting the certification. However, having updated knowledge, sufficient skills, and experience are essential to succeed. 

Moreover, there are many scopes available in private sectors, including product manufacturing in industrial as well as domestic markets. In short, product designing is an extremely demanding career but it needs the dedication to become a skilled product designer. Sometimes, specific skill sets are needed to take up challenging tasks in this field. 

Different Opportunities In Product Designing in India

As a product designer, you must update your knowledge from time to time. You need to be familiar with the latest news, tools, technologies, and trends. Some important skills to have in this regard include problem-solving, communication, presentation, market awareness, flexible working techniques, and so on. Some of the career opportunities in product designing include:

Exhibition Designer:

Exhibition designers display their innovations in vast exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, etc. They also develop fixtures as well as display throughout the show. Exhibition designers also supervise supplies. 

Furniture Designer:

Furniture designers contribute to designing furniture and other related products. As a furniture designer, you would need to learn as well as design different patterns of furniture. 

Industrial Or Product Design Researcher:

These professionals work with the marketing team of the organization. They must figure out the requirements and expectations of users. And then, they need to find out the solutions accordingly. They also suggest users about product utilization. 

Consulting Firms:

These raffle product designers work with different firms. They help organizations to select the design elements, as per the respective clients. 

Wrapping Up

Being a product designer, you can design many things in different domains. However, having patience is a necessary skill to succeed in this field. Functionality is more important than aesthetics in product designing. Shaping an idea and prototype needs effort. However, the completion of the project is no less than a satisfying experience. It is time to opt for the raffles product designing course in India

Steps to choose the right preschool for your kids

day care centre

Parents will certainly be concerned when they are going to send the kids for the first time to daycare centres. Right from the time the children are born until they step out to the preschool, kids would be learning everything at home. When the moment comes for the parents to send their kids to the daycare centre there are certain things that one has to check completely and then proceed to get their kids enrolled in child care.

When both the parents are working professionals, it becomes essential to send the kids to child care in mount Pritchard. The staff members, teachers, and the other people at the daycare centres would be responsible for taking care of the child during your absence. Hence, there have to be no mistakes from your end when you are choosing a preschool for your kids. In this article, we have written some of the most important steps that you must definitely follow as a parent in order to find out the best preschool for your children.

  • Reputation

As a parent, it becomes extremely important for you to understand the reputation of the daycare centre in mount Pritchard where you are planning to get your child admitted to. As the competition in the area of education is extremely high, there are a lot of preschools that are opening up. Unless and until you understand the reputation of the preschool and get the complete details about the management, it will certainly not be right to send your children to search for schools.

  • Get to know the staff

You would certainly not want your children to be part of an environment that is hostile, isn’t it? When you are sending your kids to preschool the role of teachers and the entire management is going to be extremely important. 

After you have finalized on the preschool where you’re going to send your child, it is mandatory to meet and get to know the staff personally. It is also essential to understand the behaviour of the teachers and the other people that would be involved in the childcare activity. 

You must also check on the way they communicate with the parents and also the children. With this, you will be able to develop the confidence to send your children to search for preschools.

child care mount pritchard

  • Check for the fee structure

Some of the daycare centres charge exorbitantly even if you choose to leave your children only for a shorter duration. Checking for the fee structure can help you to plan your budget accordingly. So, this is one of the most important things that you need to check when you are finalizing a preschool for your child.

  • Remember to check for the quality of education

Kids should not be trained like adults, and they must be involved in a lot of fun activities, and that is how they get to improve their skills. If the teachers at the preschools aren’t qualified then, it is good to refrain from sending your children to such preschools.

These are some of the most important things to check when you are planning to get your child enrolled into any of the preschools.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes to Make Their Day Special

We have a birthday every year, and we all have our ways to recognize this day. While many of us celebrate with a party or by having a party planned for us, there are those of us who do not see a birthday as a really big deal. That is perfectly acceptable, of course, but their special day can still be recognized without needing to have a big birthday party. Let’s take a look at just a few ways to give birthday well wishes without the need for balloons or cake.

Spending time with the birthday boy or girl

When someone does this day without enjoying a happy birthday, they simply decide not to do much. This may be due to many reasons that do not need to be discussed, but it can confuse those who wish to organize a special celebration to Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother celebrates the day. As suggested above, just spending time with someone can more than makeup for the loss.

Take, for example, someone who enjoys playing light board games. If you want to give her a happy birthday, you can do a worse job than calling her a few days in advance and suggesting a board game day. If they agree, consider joining a few of your closest friends, but let them know that you keep your birthday wishes roughly like two and maybe a gift or card. In this way, the focus is on the activities that are agreed upon, not the anniversary, while it is considered a special day.

Conversations and Salutations

What happens though if they do not want to meet up for an activity night? Well, you cannot go against their wishes, because it is their birthday. Instead, try giving them a call to chat about something fun and bright. Is there a movie coming up that you both enjoy? Is there a dish you’ve cooked that you want to offer them a plate of? Then call them on their birthday and tell them. Discuss whatever you’d like and at the end of the conversation tell them “Goodbye and happy birthday”. This, again, keeps the focus off of the special day as they requested while recognizing it.

Just let it come and go

This method is going to be the most bothersome to many people. Because someone’s birthday does come only once a year so why would you want to ignore it? The answer to that question is very simple. Why should you celebrate your friendships more so on one day as opposed to others? If you are someone’s friend then you have many memories and good times that have come in the past and will come up in the future. So, if you know that they do not want to celebrate their birthday just let it go. The fun things you do will likely matter more than whether you sing happy birthday.

Everyone from the world celebrates their birthday only once each year, so, in most of the cases, this is a pretty special day in our lives like our mom’s dad and other family members make them proud to have you in their lives. When this beautiful day comes near, we like throwing parties for our beloved, going out with our friends, or doing any other possible thing to spend it differently from the rest of the days. Given the great significance of the day, the greetings we choose to address our friends and loved ones should always be considered carefully.

Free birthday wishes have become so easy to send and the whole process has improved so much these days that these cards are more popular than the classics used worldwide. One of the factors behind this event is, of course, the desire for our distance from the same old maps with traditional texts and patterns that no longer seem to affect the recipients. New and improved birthday greetings can be found on the Internet at all the websites they offer. Being able to send original birthday greetings with these free cards is just one of the many benefits that the Internet offers us. You no longer have to think about Cost issues and therefore you are free to choose according to your preferences.

Time is also a very important aspect when sending birthday parties. Classic postcards sent by mail will also be arriving soon, or worse, a day later. This is also a problem solved with e-cards. Happy Birthday Your greetings are sent almost immediately and all you need is an internet connection and most of an email account. What’s more, e-card websites offer a very important opportunity: you can plan when to send a birthday card. That way, you can prepare it many days in advance and send it on time, choosing the exact time and date. It avoids the danger of forgetting someone’s birthday and the immediate awkward moment, but at the same time, you are preventing it coming sooner or later.