Why Should You Only Go For A CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

The transition to renewable sources of energy is a big step towards conserving environmental resources. With the ever-increasing demand for renewable power sources like solar energy, there was a bang of retailers. But not these retailers can offer services and products according to the standard. Being motivated by the concept of high profits, these professionals often offer products, which are not up to the standard. And they also do not follow proper safety standards. These professionals also use low-grade solar panels placed inefficiently where these do not get adequate sunlight. And this results in some significant problems later on.

So, this work is very challenging, mainly if you consider the services of some unreliable providers. So, the best solution, in this case, is to choose a Clean Energy Council or CEC approved retailer in Dubbo as these retailers go through extensive tests before receiving accreditation. This council has around 4000 qualified solar retailers. So, by choosing any of these accredited retailers, you can have the guarantee that the company is worthy and capable enough to operate in the market.

What is so special about the approved retailers?

The production of electricity is the topmost source of greenhouse gas emissions. And this council along with the members works actively towards accelerating the transformation of the energy system of Australia to one, which never contributes to environmental destruction. Every CEC approved retailer in Dubbo complies with the consumer protection laws. So, these retailers are always committed to offer ethical business practices and they can offer extended warranties for the customers. Besides, these experts often go through rigorous screening procedures where CEC vets the samples of warranties, standard customer contract, and the overall operating systems of the company.

This council also runs checks on the financial records of the company, along with the background checks for managing the directors and partners. Therefore, by choosing the CEC approved retailers, you can have the assurance that the companies were never involved in any fraudulent practices.

What are the benefits of choosing CEC approved retailers?

Every CEC approved retailer in Dubbo has to sign and follow some voluntary code of conduct as mentioned by the council, where the experts draft the codes according to the best interests of the clients. So, here are some perks that you can enjoy by choosing an approved retailer.

  1. This works as an assurance that you are only choosing the best quality products.
  2. The accredited retailers always offer a minimum of 5 years of warranty, which covers both repair and maintenance works.
  3. These professionals always list down all the important details related to the working process of the system and the installation process. And they also maintain great transparency in different aspects of the transition process.
  4. These professionals always offer detailed quotes mentioning all the costs related to every component of the panel starting from the wiring to the batteries.
  5. These retailers will offer you certificates that signify ethical marketing and sales practices. Therefore, you will never have to rush into some high-pressure deals.