How To Select The Right Teddy Bear With Your Toddler

Charlie Bears

You might not consider this a challenge, but toddlers have opinions, and the best way to get them to like something is to get them something they like. If you’re looking for a cuddly toy for your child and you’re confused, think about taking your toddler with you to look for Charlie Bears in any teddy bear shop. Even if you’re checking online, ask your baby to accompany you. These are the days when your baby bean is learning new things and developing interest; hence the best way to do so is by engaging them in selecting their toy. 

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You In That

  • List Their Interests

Children at this tender age tend to be fickle-minded. As an adult, it may be challenging to be patient with someone who loves nothing but elephants on Monday and doesn’t want anything except a bunny with pink ears on a Wednesday. The ideal way to tackle this is by listing everything they adore, from lavender to sparkle and rainbow. Ask how they feel about a unicorn and what would they like between a unicorn and an elephant.

  • Show Them Some Options 

You can show your little monster a few options of different plushies to gauge their interest. From colour to texture of the fur, observe what their inclinations are. It will allow you to create an idea of what might be their bear best friend. 

  • Think About Their Growth

These days teddy bears are not just teddy bears. They are more than that, and you can get various options. From counting bunny to singing bear, possibilities are endless. In addition, children outgrow things quicker than adults; hence be sure to select the fluff ball that will keep your child engaged. 

  • Materials And Safety 

While selecting a teddy bear, you do not wish to introduce your child to any potential hazard. You want a cuddle bear from a teddy bear shop, not a threat to your child’s health. Be sure to select the suitable materials that offer safety are child-friendly. Opt for toxin-free materials and fabrics safe for your child. You can’t stop a toddler from biting or snuggling with their toy better ensure that their mate is safe for them. 

  • Easy To Clean 

Once you get one of those Charlie bears, your toddler might be inseparable from the fluffy bear. Be sure to keep it clean. Select options that are washable and easy to clean. You might not want to buy several supplies; hence be sure to get the stuffed toy that’s low maintenance, to begin with. 

  • Take Your Child With You 

Many consider toddlers to be a nuisance while shopping. They can be a handful; however, they will learn selection and comparisons once you start engaging them for their shopping. Talk with them at home and explain how big their stuffed buddy can be; go to the sections and let them pick. They will have a better connection with their selection and enjoy it well. 


This will allow you to be your child’s first shopping partner, and you will get to communicate with them better while learning their choices.