Choosing Correct Timber for Flooring Your Home

Timber flooring Chatswood

Choosing the best flooring material can be a relatively difficult task. Any of the various materials used for flooring, such as hardwood, timber, ceramic, etc. have their own merits. Many considerations must be weighed to select the best flooring materials. In this case, timber can be your best choice as flooring material if you want your floors to be sturdy, easy to clean, and very classy in appearance. Additionally, timber floors have anti-allergic features, ensuring that they never give you or your family members any health danger. Therefore, this article will address some specific points to guide you in picking the finest timber floor in Chatswood for your home. 

Selecting the Right Grade of Timber

Well, you are all here to give your floors a natural look; thus, you can go for standard-grade timber. The smooth feel of select-grade timber floors often has a significant appeal. You can also make your flooring more imaginative and trendy by choosing character-grade timber.

Choose the Color of the Floor

Choose a colour for your floor that will go well with the room’s overall appearance. You can take your choice from three key colour schemes when dealing with timber floors-red, brown and white. Select the one which most appeals to your aesthetic senses.

Check the Technical Specifications 

You should be well aware of the basic characteristics of the type of wood you choose to use for flooring. In particular, find out all the information about the timber’s resilience and hardness. This will help you find out whether your floors will be able to stave off bacterial attacks and damage associated with humidity, and therefore last for a long time. After all, you do not want to change your timber flooring constantly.

Figure Out the Amount of Timber Needed

The timber you select must be cut and adjusted carefully so that it can be placed correctly on your floors. The cutting will inevitably entail some material wastage. Find out how much timber is required for your house’s floors, and leave some extra space for some inevitable waste.

Find the Perfect Board Size

Timber floors are available in different alternative board sizes, graded according to their width, thickness, and other structural features. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs and specifications. You can also get qualified support from an experienced timber-flooring contractor in Chatswood if you are not quite sure in this regard.

Choose an Appealing Finish

You can also choose from various finishes to give your timber floors a greater degree of elegance and panache. In particular, the gloss and semi-gloss finishes look incredibly simple to the eye. Having a timber floor with satin finishes is also a common choice for homeowners.

Use Floor Rugs

You can put soft rugs and other protective coverings on the floors to prevent your new timber floor from being scratched. Do not move in heavy pieces of furniture, directly after adding varnish to the wood. You would also have adequate curtains and drapes to avoid direct exposure to sunlight from the timber board.

Overall, it is ideal to take extra steps in addition to the above, to keep the timber floor clean at all times. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, which can harm the concrete. You will also make a sufficient budget for the timber flooring in Chatswood to stop spiralling expenditures upwards.