Considerations To Make When Buying a Pallet Wrapping Machine


A pallet wrapper is not a one size fits all piece of equipment that you can buy off the shelf and run smoothly in your factory, it is a piece of packaging machinery that requires due thought and testing. Otherwise, you would end up with an unsuitable machine for your product, production efficiency, or customer packing requirements.

You could produce the best product in the world and market it by millions, but if you are wrapping and packaging operations are not up to standard, you will end up with goods returned or damaged, the most durable chain is just as strong as the weakest link. With this in mind, here are a few items that you should remember before purchasing a new or used pallet wrapping machine.

Would the pallet wrapper be able to keep up with your production rate?

This should be the first thing that you need to check with any possible supplier. Will the pallet wrapping machine be able to wrap quickly enough to keep up with your production pace while preserving the consistency and effectiveness of the cover? There is very little point in making a machine that wraps pallets or stacks too slowly and creates an output backlog.

Does the machine give the appropriate wrap quality?

The other side of the argument in the above paragraph is that there is no point in having a machine that is more than capable of matching your production throughput if the wrap’s quality is not there. Poor quality wrapping may lead to transferring products in transit, resulting in damaged products and customers refusing to deliver.

Is the supplier you are looking to purchase from service engineers in your area regularly? 

Like any industrial equipment, a pallet wrapper machine would need regular servicing and repair to extend its useful existence. If you have the requisite in-house skills, you need to have service engineers qualified and skilled in your specific machine. Additionally, if the system were to break down, keeping the technician in your local area would minimize downtime and the costs incurred.

Was the machine-made from readily available parts? 

If you have a part failure on your machine, the last thing you want to hear is that it came from a far country and is not readily available unless bought in bulk. You should check that things like pneumatics, motors, and electrical equipment are all using well-known parts that can be picked up by many distributors or by the manufacturers themselves.

Many people prefer to search for inexpensive alternatives when it comes to buying shrink wrappers, opting for used machines rather than searching for professional advice from the manufacturer of pallet wrapping machines. Depending on the requirements, this could be a costly mistake because, in the end, if you cannot deliver the product to your customer without it being damaged or unwrapped in shipping, what is the point of production?

By following the five helpful tips above, you will have a much clearer understanding of the questions to ask potential suppliers and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to buying a pallet wrapping machine.