Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas For Your Home

free standing corner bath, free standing corner bathroom cabinet

With small bathrooms comes the added responsibility of making sure they deliver what the space requires. Usually, proper storage of bathroom essentials is a problem with limited space and not functionally designed bathrooms. However, there is always a way around it.

Two things in any bathroom, large or small, are a closet (or any storage space for that matter) and a mirror. These are collectively known as vanities. With oddly shaped or space-constrained bathrooms, or even bathrooms with a lot of space that goes to waste, make the most of the available space and turn it into a free standing corner bath with a mirror for storage.

Here are the simple design ideas to help you achieve this:

  • High-angle bathroom cabinet with adjacent mirror:

A small bathroom with a tub is a complicated space to organize storage. The high freestanding corner bath is designed to fit perfectly in the niche, right next to the large mirror above the sink.

Everything you need for your daily bathroom, plus a little extra bathroom linen, easily fits into this compact tall cabinet. A small bathroom with a high corner cabinet designed next to the large mirror is a perfect storage solution.

  • Corner washbasin with bathroom cabinet:

Difficult bathroom corners are manageable with hanging cabinets. This small bathroom already has a shower room to take up a lot of space. But you can still make the most of the small corner left. A free-standing corner bathroom cabinet is a fun, hassle-free way to incorporate storage space into a small bathroom.

The mirror above the sink also has small shelves next to it for extra storage. The design also gives you enough space to have a hair dryer on the wall. A small bathroom has a corner sink with a cabinet and a movable shelf to take up space without problems.

  • Compact corner bathroom mirror cabinet:

A corner sink may not fit properly underneath. It is possible to mount a wall unit with mirrors on the cabinet doors. When installing cabinets in such a small space, you must ensure that the cabinet flaps have enough room to open and that they do not interfere with the functionality of the bathroom.

The compact freestanding corner bath cabinet has two essential purposes and functions.

  • Corner bathroom cabinet with mirror and glass shelves:

It’s a great example of how a small bathroom can have all the essentials and look stylish too. The elegant white cabinet, which fits perfectly into the corner, provides the necessary storage in the room.

The mirror above the sink is also mounted on either side of the corner to allow for additional display shelving. The bathroom is elegant without being stuffy.


The beauty and the important thing about a free-standing corner bathroom cabinet are that it is customized to fit in awkward corners and still serves for efficient storage. Your bathroom should be clean and tidy at all times to ensure hygiene and an overall comfortable experience for the space you use every day.

You can choose from free-standing cabinets, wall cabinets, floating cabinets, and shelves to create a bespoke bathroom corner cabinet design for your home.