Creative Ways Of Using The Corners In Kitchens

magic corner kitchen

With so many things going on in the kitchens, it is no surprise for a corner to remain untouched. Further, corners are tending to be neglected in kitchens most of the time. The magic corner in the kitchen is needed to be used as valuable space in the kitchens. There are tons of ways of making use of every corner in the houses. Whether it’s just for remodelling or some tiny interventions, there are smart ways not considered before. 

Creative ways of making use of corners in kitchens:-

  • Installation of kitchen sink:-

Most of the kitchens have a sink only at the end of a large countertop. Besides, the sinks work beautifully in the magic corner of the kitchen by keeping the washing area at the centre of the cooking zone. This makes tidying up easy once the food has been prepared. 

  • Using blind corners:-

Acting as a standard solution, the blind corners allow the homeowners to avoid the void between two cabinetries. Moreover, space is used for installing a single cabinet door. The only downside is that this space might not be easily accessible all the time. When on a tight budget, the blind corners help in saving money. These are not that expensive and can be installed anytime you want. 

  • The Susan styles:-

It is a classic storage solution allowing to keep the dishes, strainers, and pots on the turnstiles. Likewise, access all the utensils just with the swirl of fingers. It doesn’t eliminate the bending but does allow to make the space accessible. But the only drawback is that the drawers can get tight at times. 

  • Diagonal corner cabinets:-

These diagonal magic corners in the kitchen are either fabricated or custom-built. Further, Insert either a standard cabinet box or 45o if not available in the fabricated form. The diagonal cabinets give a nice visual break adding dimension to the kitchens. These help in utilizing the corner space. With the blind corners, you have to reach the back into the accesses to find the dishware. 

  • Organizing the dead space:-

Maximizing the space can lead to wasting space. Further, leaving the dead space in the kitchens can turn out to be handy at times. This is especially when renovating an older home with a dysfunctional layout. When willing to use bench space, a built-in banquette is a creative style. It helps in making the cabinetry feel cozy and warm adding in the seating space.  Add in colourful cushions, linens, etc. to complement the kitchen’s look. 

  • Make use of the easy reach cabinets:-

These easy reach cabinets have double doors opening front like an accordion. It displays both sides of the cupboards at once. This can make full advantage of the corner in the kitchen. Don’t have to dig into the blind cabinet while standing on the step stool. The easy to reach cabinets are more expensive than the standard ones. 

Have you found a creative way of dealing with the magic corner in the kitchen? Be it unique and inspirational for others to follow.