Best Types Of Tiles For Bathrooms

designer bathroom tiles

Just like how you pay a lot of attention to the details while designing your house, focusing the same way is very essential for decorating your bathroom as well. While decorating your bathroom, many aspects are taken into consideration such as the colour and wallpaper used, tiles, washbasin and shower designs, etc. 

Tiles majorly play an important role while designing a bathroom. They help in setting a desired vibe and aura to your bathroom and provide a much-needed elegance and class. There are multiple options when it comes to designer bathroom tiles that you can choose from. 

Options are available in not only the pattern of the tiles but also in the size, colour, texture and material of the tile that you can choose from. Every tile has its specific feature and benefits. Each tile can help you change and enhance the look and the atmosphere of your bathroom. 

Types Of Tiles Suitable For Your Bathrooms Are:

  • Ceramic Tiles

The best and the most popular tile in the market for your bathroom is ceramic tiles. If you want a wood-based decadent finish to your bathroom then these tiles are your go-to. Apart from the amazing appearance, these tiles help you to maintain hygiene in your bathroom and prevent the absorption of bacteria and odour. 

  • Vinyl Tiles

These are commonly used as they are cheaper and easy to install. They are reusable as well, therefore, making them eco-friendly. Cracking and breakage of these tiles are unlikely. 

  • Marble Tiles

These tiles provide a sense of a soft and dreamy vibe to your bathroom. These look highly sophisticated and traditional. They are available in many sizes and shapes as well. However, they are comparatively expensive and are more prone to scratches and cracks. 

  • Granite Tiles

These types of tiles are resistant to moisture and look very attractive and polished in your bathrooms. It is quite durable and strong but is expensive and very slippery. 

Out of all the great types of tiles available, the most appropriate and evergreen tiles used are ceramic tiles. These have a large range of benefits and are perfectly fitted for a bathroom. 

Some Advantages Of Ceramic Flooring Are:

  • Affordable

These tiles aren’t as expensive as marble or graphite tiles but still are extremely durable and strong. Money is spent only on the initial fitting of these tiles and after that there is no expense needed even in the long run.

  • Water-resistant

Ceramic floorings are always water and moisture resistant which is why there are never any complaints regarding any moisture or leakage issues with these tiles. 

  • Strength And Durability

Ceramic tiles are extremely strong and highly durable. They are not prone to any cracks or scratches and can undergo extreme conditions without any wear and tear. These tiles can survive perfectly for a minimum of 10-15 years without needing to be replaced. 

Ceramic tiles are a no brainer option when it comes to choosing a designer bathroom tile. These tiles make your bathroom look extremely attractive and are totally worth it.