Different Types Of House Materials To Choose From!

house materials

While any kind of construction work to build residential buildings, different types of house materials are used. Every type of material possesses different properties based on its appearance, durability, sturdiness, pricing under a common unit, etc. 

Deciding on using the exact type of construction material is quite important as, in the long run, the quality of such materials will only ensure the overall quality of that residential asset. The person who can appropriately suggest the right kind of material to be used is a structural engineer. 

A structural engineer can help you analyse the most suitable house material by considering your budget and the size or scale of construction. Generally, it’s always advisable to use high-quality materials to maintain the durability of those structures.

Hence, you need to know the important features of some of the most popularly used construction materials to make a worthy choice.

Some of these materials are:

  • Wood

Since ancient times wood has been popularly used as a construction material, it has been observed that if the properties made of wood are maintained appropriately lasts for decades. Wood is a naturally available material that is quite lightweight and environmentally friendly. It is generally utilised to construct walls and floors with specific dimensional areas. So, if you want a durable and pocket-friendly house material, then wood can be a perfect choice. 

  • Steel 

One of the most durable and rigid materials popularly used for construction by households is steel. It’s highly advisable for the construction of those tall and tremendous buildings. Steel is a little bit on the expensive side when compared to other house materials. Its installation process is quite easy and very less time-consuming. So, if you have a little high budget and do not wish to compromise on quality at all, then steel can be the ultimate choice. 

  • Concrete 

Concrete is a type of house material popularly used for construction made up of a mixture of finely crushed stone, water as well as sand. The concrete mixture can easily take any shape you want to be turned into a stonish material. It takes a week maximum for the mixture to gain the sturdiness required for the construction work. To make the concrete material more rigid to ensure an even higher degree of durability for years, it is mixed with steel rebar, which in the end, makes it more suitable for a variety of applications. 

  • Cement 

Cement is popularly known as a ‘binding agent’ as it helps in binding the other construction material tightly together due to its paste form, which is formed after mixing water with chemicals. The maximum number of types of cement available in the market are 16 types differing in their composition, degree of durability, pricing, etc. Cement is a little bit expensive but will surely provide you with the desired durability. OPC and PPC are the most popular cement types available in the market. 

Hence, these are some of the most popular and good quality house materials which can be used to ensure a happy home building.