Different Types Of Packaging Tape Machines That You Can Purchase!

packaging tape machine

The packaging business is a vast industry made out of various sectors. Each sector utilizes explicit machines that aid the packaging measures across a wide range of organizations. In this article, we have set off to recognize the most well-known packaging tape machines that serve the most extensive assortment of organizations throughout the globe. 

It is almost impossible to decide which machines are the most utilized packaging tape machines worldwide. Giving all the packaging tape machines equal importance, I have distinguished the most flexible packaging tape machines serving the most significant assortment of business types. Hopefully, this would help buyers understand their packaging supplies and give them an idea of buying a suitable packaging tape machine. 

Below are some of the most used packaging tape machines worldwide in modern, clinical, food, and retail business applications. 

Labelling Machines

They are mainly used for industrial, retail, food, and pharmaceutical packaging applications to name and code a product properly. Most packaging items use some labeling or coding. Labeling machines are utilized for applying marked names for promoting a product or scanner tags for stock/ inventory management. 

Tape Machines

Tape Machines are utilized in most packaging applications using cardboard boxes. Tape guns are also utilized in more modest tasks; however, higher volumes require tape machine sealers for proficient packaging. One can choose between manual and automatic tape machine sealers, which are utilized in retail, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical product packaging on a large scale. 


Sealers are utilized in numerous types of adaptable packaging applications. Multiple industrial, retail, medicinal, and food packaging items are fixed using a heat sealer. Sealers come in numerous sizes and particulars. They can be utilized for minor tasks and completely automated programs. 

A heat sealer utilizes warmth to liquefy plastic or an adhesive together to seal the package completely. Heat sealers are used for various items to help shield the products from alterations and contamination. 

Strapping Machines 

The most well-known use for strapping machines is to provide hefty boxes with excellent support during delivery and retail sales. Generally, polypropylene packaging supplies are used as they are pretty strong and can be immediately applied for added security. Strapping machines use warmth to pack the products together for reliable and robust support properly. 

Another use for strapping machines for packaging applications. Strapping can assist with various unitizing items together and secure items for transport. Strapping is the best bet and an excellent alternative for getting longer items like timber and metal bars transported safely. 

Stretch Wrapping Machines 

Stretch wrapping machines are found in most warehouses throughout the globe. The other option for pallet wrapping is applying stretch film by hand. Most organizations settle on a stretch wrapping machine once their production surpasses 10-15 pallets every day. 

However, most stretch wrapping machines are found in modern industrial applications. They are utilized in a great many various organizations throughout the planet. Different heavy loads of packaging items are unitized on a pallet with a stretch wrapping machine before being conveyed to their retail locations. 

Air Pillow Machines 

Air pillow machines embed air into pockets to make an air cushion. The air pads are utilized to pad items during transport. The air decreases voids inside the bundle to hold items back from moving during travel. 

Carton Sealers 

Carton sealers use tape to pack the boxes. As the case travels through the carton sealer, the tape is applied. Top and base carton sealers seal all open box sides. Carton sealers with suitable tape can save your item from any harm and also help improve its effectiveness. 

Flow coverings 

Food items all around the globe are wrapped, utilizing flow coverings. Items wrapped with a flow covering have easy tear unbending edges. Flow coverings are mainly used for faster packaging applications. Most flow coverings wrap at least 60 – 80 items each minute. 


A thin PVC film, a plate, and a heating pad are the packaging supplies utilized with overwrappers. They can be used for wrapping various kinds of meat, vegetables, and organic products with overwrappers. High-velocity overwrappers can wrap hundreds and an even more significant number of items each hour. The overwrap shields consumable items from insects, dust, and other external components.

Hoping the above article would help you choose your next packaging tape machine and packaging supplies for your items’ smooth and hassle-free packaging. Select a packaging supplier that will help you find your ideal packaging tape machine and also has the required packaging supplies for all your packaging requirements.