Different types of Trailers that are available in the Market

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Trailers are useful helpers in the inland shipping industries. These vehicles have wheels with no engine so they need to be hauled to and fro by a vehicle with a functional engine. Whether it is a lawnmower trailer or a flatbed one, each performs different functions. 

Types of Trailers:

Let’s check them out:

  • Flatbed trailers 

The most commonly used trailer is the flatbed trailer due to its versatility. These are used for the transport of heavy-duty material like lumber, steel, and even cars! These trailers are open from all sides, making loading and unloading super easy. You don’t need people to manually handle the cargo- a forklift or crane is enough. You can use a tarp to cover the goods if necessary. They come in different sizes based on the cargo that needs to be transported.

  • Enclosed trailers

These are closed containers pulled along by different vehicles. These are also very common and used for many things like shipping furniture, school equipment, etc. Enclosed trailers are the most affordable option amongst others and add an extra layer of security to whatever your shipping. Unlike the flatbed, these trailers provide guaranteed protection against adverse weather conditions and other potential safety risks.

  • Gooseneck trailers

These are long-necked enclosed trailers that are attached to the truck via a ball hitch. What is great about these trailers is that the neck or the front end can be detached. These are meant for the transport of large equipment and can only be towed by trucks. Lower to the ground compared to the flatbeds, they are perfect for the loading and unloading of heavy equipment. 

  • Refrigerated trailers 

These trailers are meant mainly for temperature control when it comes to shipping frozen foods and items. They are also enclosed with special compresses and insulation to keep it cool. These trailers have a lesser weight limit, unlike the ones mentioned above, and are not incredibly big.

  • Side-kit trailers 

Side-kit trailers are meant for transporting those goods that can’t be packed or do not need packaging. These trailers look like flatbeds with detachable sides and also a removable tent-like cover. These can be used as a lawnmower trailer i.e. a trailer pulled along by a lawnmower- for transporting important materials around your house or property. Their detachable sides make them versatile and easy to operate. 

  • Specialty trailers

These trailers are built specially to transport specific goods from one site to another. They are specially built to have certain features that other trucks do not have. Both the trailer and drivers require special licenses to transport those goods. They also have a relatively small weight limit. 

Before you choose a trailer, assess what exactly you are going to use it for. What kind of material is being transported, how much it weighs, how far will they be transported, are they perishable, does it need special storing, etc. are all questions you should have answers to. Transport by trailers is the most affordable and is an investment, so choose wisely.