Different Types Of Wooden Crates Available In Australia And Its Benefits

wooden crates

Wooden crates in Australia are mostly used for shipping. And we all know that the success of shipment depends on the quality of packaging. So when it comes to the product packaging for shipping, crates become the first part of the procedure. Among various types of crates available, selecting the perfect one to transfer goods means saving costs which also assures product safety.

So it is important to pick the correct Wooden crates. Even there are different types of wooden crates available in the market and these are: 

Open wooden crates 

It is the one form available in the market which has many benefits if chosen for packaging purpose – 

  • It is a stackable, cheap, and lightweight packaging solution.
  • It transports many items such as polyethylene, hay, cotton, or even large but lightweight items.
  • It also transports the agriculture and food industry goods.

Open Wooden crates do not need to ship or transport via air because international air transport does not allow open crates.

Wooden sheeted crates

Whenever you are in need to complete overseas shipment, there is where you need wooden sheeted crates.

  • It ensures protection from wind, water, air, and transit harm.
  • It is durable as well as a highly secure packaging solution.
  • This type of Wooden crates available in Australia can carry 1000 to 30,000 pounds of weight military or industrial equipment.

What are the benefits of wooden crates?

Wooden packaging is useful for many reasons which also includes heavy equipment packing as well as machinery and transport it all around the world. Shipping your goods in Wooden crates can protect your special cargo which assures that packages are delivered safe and sound. But that is not the only reason they are famous. Here is the list of few reasons for choosing the wooden crate for your next shipment – 

  • Stacking – when weight is divided equally and the materials inside are appropriately packed, Wooden crates can hold huge amounts of vertical pressure making them very easy to stack. This makes it easy for users to have a large space in warehouses or shipping facilities.
  • Durable – Wooden crates are highly durable and dependable and offer the most delicate as well as fragile items – the additional layer of protection. Being stable and sturdy, they assure that your products reach their aim without any harm.
  • Safety – Wooden crates create the barrier against any of the outside forces which may damage their contents. They can protect their goods easily from dust, dirt, moisture, and other debris.
  • Affordable – Wooden crates in Australia are affordable compared to other methods of options available for transporting mainly as they cost less to create. The materials used are simple, natural and thus need less processing.
  • Easy to reuse – Wooden crates are very easy to recycle and reuse. So it is suitable for the long term. It can be easily broken down and rebuilt to produce new crates according to your needs.

So these are the few reasons to choose wooden crates in your next shipment.