DIY Ideas For Cheap Bunk Beds Of Different Styles

ashley furniture bunk beds

Bunk beds are great options for saving space and accommodating more people in limited space. It also gives the kids and adults more area to claim as their play space or office space. But the problem often lies in finding cheap bunk beds.

What if you can create a bunk bed on your own, in your budget, maybe even less? Sounds exciting, right? Well, DIY cheap bunk beds are not so hard. It includes easy to moderate woodwork. So, if you love working with woods, here is your chance to create keepsakes for your kids. I have here a few interesting ideas for creating cheap bunk beds.

  • For More Than Two Kids

If you have more than two kids, it is almost impossible to find cheap bunk beds for them. But here’s an idea for you. For three kids, you can make twin beds, one higher above the other and the space between them should be enough to accommodate a perpendicular third bed in between. Add the stairs where you see fit. For four kids, you can have two sets of twin bunks side by side.

  • Alaskan Bunk Beds

These cheap bunk beds remind of the ones usually found in old Alaskan cabins, hence the name. To create them, all you need is a few wood pallets and get to work. These beds are not only gorgeous to look at but also sturdy. Even the grown-ups can sleep in one of these.

  • Bunk Beds With Invisible Ladder

Usually, the problem with cheap bunk beds os that they occupy a lot of space. And bunk beds are usually placed in small rooms. Build the bunk beds in a way that the outside slats work as the ladder.

  • Modern Bunks

Well, these look pretty but are dangerous for kids and people who roll a lot in their sleep. Reason being, they don’t have the protection of the side railings. So, if you are brave enough to sleep at such height without the railings to protect you and you are sure you won’t fall off in the middle of the night, you can go for this cheap bunk bed.

  • Floating Bunks

This is one of the best cheap bunk bed ideas, especially if your kid is fond of the nautical theme. The unique feature of this bunk bed is both the beds are held up by the ropes. The ladder is also made of ropes. Among all the bunks, these have a lot of character.

  • The Loft Bunks

The days of traditional style bunks are over. Nowadays everyone wants something new and different. Loft bunk beds have both modern and rustic feel and that makes them apart from other cheap bunk beds. They are built as separate pieces and hence are easy to build. So, if you have enough space, place the beds in a perpendicular position and add the stairs for the top one.

These are just a few ideas for cheap bunk beds. If you are not a fan of putting so much work, you can just go for the basic bun