Do I need a fence if I have an automatic pool cover?

automatic pool cover

While possessing a pool is all about fun with family and friends, there are significant safety regulations to be considered. Glass Pool Fencing in Penrith barriers and automatic pool covers are both unique mechanisms to assist in limiting the access by unsupervised children.

Do you need a fence if you are equipped with an automatic pool cover? Your local state law might make it necessary for you to erect a fence even if you already possess an automatic pool cover.

Automatic pool covers are comparatively new technological and governing bodies initially uncertain concerning their effectiveness as a safety precaution. But on the other hand, it has come to be known about pool covers, regulations have been appropriately upgraded.

Safety Mandates for Residential Swimming Pools:

As per the Prescribed Rules and Regulations, all residential swimming pools must adhere to the following safety features:

1 . There must exist an enclosure that appropriately secludes the swimming pool from the house. This enclosure must adhere to the rules and regulations of the regulatory authorities and must either be a fence or a wall. The enclosure must possess an access gate that opens away from the pool to match the expectations and requirements appropriately, with a self-closing latch with a substantial height from the ground. Moreover, the fence or wall must also be considerably high from the ground. It must be equipped with gaps proportionately bigger in height compared to the ground level. It should also possess nothing on the outward face that could be employed as hand or footholds.

2. A removable mesh fence must be installed that appropriately and suitably isolates the swimming pool from the house. If you possess a removable mesh fence, it must be considered high from the ground, equipped with a self-closing latch gate that can accommodate a padlock and opens away from the pool. This lock requires being substantially high from the ground and facing outwards and not towards the pool.

3. An approved safety cover as per the prescribed rules and regulations must complement and match the expectations and requirements but can either be automatic or manual.

4. Alarms must be installed on all exit doors and windows leading from the house to the swimming pool area. Whether an actual alarm or a repeated verbal warning such as the door to the pool is open must be activated so that it must make a perpetual sound any time any door or window leading to the swimming pool is open. This aspect is not mandatory if you possess an enclosure or safety cover but is highly recommended if there are no such hindrances.

5. A self-closing latch equipped with a release mechanism having a considerable height from the floor must be installed on all doors leading to the pool area. This aspect is recommended for all sorts of doors, consisting of sliding doors, specifically if there is no fence, wall or cover hindrance for the pool.


If you have small children in the house or soon anticipate, having an open pool in the backyard can be directly scary. Pool Safety is enlisted among the topmost concerns about pool ownership accompanied by pool maintenance. There are a plethora of ways and mechanisms of pool hindrances, consisting of outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, decorative walls or cabanas, neat and tidy hedges or thorny bushes, fences, pool covers as well as safety nets. The easiest and most economical mechanisms to install are glass pool fencing, pool covers, and safety nets in Penrith.