Does Towing Sets In Damage To Your Vehicle?

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Towing a vehicle might turn out to be a complicated undertaking, but why do you need to worry when you can leave it to the professionals? 

It is never a good day when your vehicle needs towing, for any reason. But the act will go from bad to worse if pulling is not done correctly. In such cases, it might damage your already damaged vehicle. However, this is an uncommon concern when you are approaching a fully certified vehicle towing company. 

Even if you search for vehicle towing near me and hire the best company, it is good to know some of the tricks to save your vehicle from damage while towing. 

  • What to expect from the professionals?

You can remain assured that an insured and certified vehicle towing company handles most of the towed vehicles. That means the tow truck operators are fully trained and they are more than likely experienced to assess your vehicle’s proper towing needs. 

At present, flatbed towing is the norm, but this was not the case always. Using the wheels and rolling a vehicle from its rest position to the next destination was the common practice and is still prevalent. However, this practice is more likely to damage your vehicle. So, keep such companies away from your list who are still practising the risky towing service. 

  • Go neutral

The moment the tow truck arrives at your location, it is likely that the driver will request you to put your car to neutral. In case they fail to give you this information, remember to keep your vehicle in the neutral position. 

A vehicle that is in a parked position and towed using its wheels on the ground will no doubt experience damage. That is because the tires will fail to turn when you drag the vehicle along the road. Not only will the tires skid and wear, but the connections between the wheels and transmission might also get affected. The whole thing will ultimately damage the communication itself. 

  • Going neutral is not the best solution

The best vehicle towing company might be aware of going neutral, but you need to understand that neutral is not the only solution to avoid damage. Damage can still happen if you transport the vehicle too far with its wheels on the ground. 

A neutral position can disengage the engine, but it does not disengage the transmission from the wheels. As a result, the turning wheel can cause the transmission to overheat as the engine is not available for regulation. It is unlikely that you will face the situation, but it’s a good piece of knowledge to know in case the problem arises.  

  • Know the type of vehicle

It is essential to know the type of transmission it has inside if you are towing a two-wheel-drive vehicle. A vehicle with manual transmission is sufficient for the majority of the cases. However, towing an all-wheel-drive vehicle is a unique situation. If any of the wheels remain on the ground, the best option is to temporarily remove the back drive tube and tow the vehicle with the rear wheels on the road. 

However, for both cases, you should refer to the user manual for towing instructions. 

To conclude, the above information is undoubtedly helpful for people searching for vehicle towing near me.