Everything You Need To Before Purchasing A Refrigerated Air Dryer

refrigerated air dryer

The biggest threat to your air compressor is the buildup of rust caused by too much moisture in the air. If you do not take care of your corroded air compressor tank, it could explode at any moment. One way to get rid of extra moisture is to use air dryers. It is used to dry compressed air. This way, the essential parts of the machinery are kept dry and rust-free.

The air dryer for the compressor was chosen based on how much moisture the tank could hold and how much water the compressor needed to get rid of. Remember the advice in the following sections when you choose a refrigerated air dryer for your needs.

  • How Does It Work?

The warm, wet air is cooled down to about 3 degrees Celsius. The water vapor in the air turns into water when it gets cold. Much like your window does when it is in your window. Afterward, a water trap is used to remove the water from the compressed air.

When the cold air is warmed up, it is back to room temperature. There was a lot of water in the air in the past, but now there is a lot less of it in the air.

  • What to Look For When You Buy One

People who want to buy a refrigerated air dryer need to think about essential things. There is a limit to how much pressure you can put on things. The maximum pressure of the dryer must be the same or even higher than the pressure of your compressor so that the dryer can work.

  • Maximum Flow

Because your dryer needs to get more air than your compressor, the maximum airflow it can get through must be more than your compressor can do.

If you choose a refrigerated air dryer that is too small, it will make your dryer lose a lot of pressure over a long time. This is because the air has trouble passing through it. Because of this, you will need to set the stress on your compressor higher to make up for the pressure drop. This, too, will raise your energy bill. Second, your dryer might not be able to get to the correct dew point.

  • Inlet Temperature

Air dryers have a maximum temperature at which they can take in air. The refrigerated air dryer might not be able to reach the dew point you want if it reaches this temperature. Either way, you could damage parts of the dryer. Some compressors have an after-cooler, which means that the compressed air will be about 40 degrees Celsius when it comes out of the machine.

  • After-Cooler

If you do not have one, the air will be around 80 degrees Celsius!

Check the air temperature that comes out of your refrigerated air dryer. Is it boiling outside? It is possible to buy high inlet temperature dryers made to work with your hot air and dry your clothes.

  • Maximum outside Temperature

 People feel more likely that the refrigerated air dryer will get too hot and shut itself off. Keep an eye on how hot your compressor room can contact you, and buy a dryer that can deal with it, even in summer.