Everything You Need To Know About Double Sided Tapes

Double sided tapes as the name suggests is an adhesive tape used for sticking materials together because it has a sheet of adhesive on both sides. These types of tapes are widely used in many industries, including home use, the hospitality industry, and many more places that are far away from our imaginations. The application of double-sided tapes is into packaging, bonding, mounting, holding, and splicing. These are obviously used to stick two objects or materials together with sleek perfection that cannot be seen with the naked eye in the end product. 

Generally, double sided tape can be of two types. The first one is sleek paper like which is almost weightless and looks like nothing but a clear layer of adhesive on both sides of a silicon liner. The second type is foam-based double-sided tape. As the name suggests, these tapes are much thicker than paper-like, making them much more popular in the heavy-duty industry. Foam based double-sided tape is coated with acrylic, rubber, or even a modified and a better version of these with many differential properties. When it comes to bonding non-uniform, unusual, and textured surfaces, the importance and use of thick foam-based double-sided tape comes into the picture. 

Let us have a look at Important Things To Know About Double Sided Tapee

  • The backing is one of the most important features of double-sided tapes. The thick foam version of these tapes is used for bonding rough and asymmetric surfaces. The thinner film version of double-sided tapes is majorly used in bonding transparent objects. The high performance and great quality tapes can dissipate stress with the help of their viscoelastic behaviour. 
  • The liner is one of the most important elements when it comes to the application and removal procedures. 
  • You can select the best adhesive only when you have clear use of double-sided tapes in your mind. In order to understand the purpose of using such tapes, you have to ask several questions to yourself about what types of materials you are willing to bond together with double-sided tapes, for how long you expect the bond to last, and lastly, whether the bonded materials are to kept indoors or outdoors with keeping the climatic and weather conditions in mind. If you have given answers to all these questions correctly and clearly, then you will be able to identify the best utility type of double-sided tape for yourself to serve the purpose effectively and efficiently. 

How Do End Consumers Prefers to Use Double Sided Adhesive Tape?

Because of its versatility, double-sided adhesive tapes are used widely by people who are really fond of creating gorgeous handicrafts or artworks. Gone are the days, when adhesive tapes used to cause a visual barrier while trying to show your craftsmanship. But now, the world of tapes has evolved a lot lately and you can still use the way you want to bond or stick two or more things together without having to compromise on the visuals of the same. These double-sided tapes are almost invisible so you really don’t have to worry about distracting to the people looking at your artwork. Surprisingly, the benefits of double-sided tapes don’t end right here because these are not used just by the craftiest people but are also used in many daily life activities. Activities Like putting up postcards, posters, and pasting notes can be easily managed with double-sided tapes. 

One of the best things about double-sided tapes is that it is extremely easy to apply and does not cause any damage to the surface unlike mounting methods. 

Before going to the market to buy double-sided tapes, these are the few questions you need to ask yourself. 

  • Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary sticking solution.
  • If ever you decide to remove the tape, do you want a clean surface behind or not.
  • If you are planning to keep the joint or bonded materials in outdoor conditions, natural factors like heat, moisture, cold, UV, Water, dirt, and debris should be taken into consideration.
  • According to the purpose, be sure about the thickness of the tape you require to help you serve your purpose. 
  • What would be the ideal width of the tape to serve your purpose? 
  • Is any sort of heat or temperature raise involved in the process where you are seeking to apply the tape.

I hope this article would have helped you in knowing all the important and relevant information related to double-sided tapes.