Factors That Determine Shower Screen Installation Cost

Shower screen installation Blacktown

A shower is an essential part of your new bathroom. Upgrading the shower or its fixtures is a simple way to give your bathroom a new look and increase your return on investment or resale value (ROI). So, if you’re thinking about shower screen installation in Blacktown and want to know how much it costs to put in a shower, this is the article for you.

What Affects How Much It Costs To Install A Shower Screen?

Even though there is a standard price for installing a shower screen, the actual cost can vary because each job is different. Your costs could be lower or higher than the average rate for any of the following reasons:

Shower Screen Type

The most common types of shower screens are frameless, semi-frameless, and fully framed. The most expensive of these kinds is the one without a frame. They give bathrooms a clean, clear look, making the space look bigger. Expect to pay more for frameless shower screen installation if the company you choose will take care of both the supply and the installation.

Size of Shower Screen

Shower screens come in standard sizes, which makes the price difference. However, remember that the size and type of shower screen go hand in hand. A fully framed shower screen that is bigger does not always cost less than a frameless shower screen that is a little bit smaller.

Standard sizes are used for shower screens so a custom-sized screen may cost more. The more expensive your screen is, the bigger it is. However, the type of shower screen also affects the size. 


Material is another thing that affects shower screen installation costs. A copper-finished or solid steel-framed shower screen costs more than an aluminium one. Costs can also be affected by things like those that whether the whole shower screen needs to be replaced or a new one is put in. Shower screen replacement can sometimes cost less.

Other Circumstances

If only one of the panels on your broken shower screen needs to be fixed or replaced, the cost will be less. However, if you need to replace the whole shower screen, you should save more money. Most of the time, replacing an old shower screen costs less than installing a new one where there is not one already. When replacing a shower screen, you have to think about removing the old one and getting rid of it, then putting up the new one.

Updating your fixtures and remodelling your shower are easy ways to make your bathroom more practical. The process can be as easy as swapping out a showerhead or as hard as changing the layout of your entire bathroom.

You can make your shower a place where you can quickly clean up or a place where you can relax in style. Most of the time, your budget and taste will determine what you do to your home.

In the end, a shower is a good thing to add to your home. So, hire a professional and plan your shower screen installation cost in Black town well in advance to make the process easy, quick, and worth it.