Factors That Determine The Value Of Your Signed Soccer Jersey In Australia

signed soccer jersey

From the beginning of time, the world’s best footballers are uplifting, engaging and committed to the game, regardless of the situation. Following your favourite soccer player all through the highs and the lows of their profession can be exciting, thrilling and maybe even rewarding. A signed soccer jersey, on the off chance that you have the correct one, can certainly make you happier. Be that as it may, how might you determine what your signed soccer jersey may be worth? Here are some factors which can decide if your shirt is the top or lower part of the league. 

Factors determining the value of a signed soccer jersey-

  • Achievements and Popularity of the Player-

If the jersey is signed by a profoundly well known and successful player, then probably there will be a ton of interest for the signed soccer jersey, which will increase the value of the jersey. Particularly considering the worldwide allure of the signee. Did the soccer player play for a local team or did they play for the top prize- The World Cup? The ‘greater’ and ‘better the player, the greater the value of the signed soccer jersey.

  • Scarcity of a Signature- 

How many signed soccer jerseys from the player are available to be circulated? Most soccer players readily autograph merchandise, while at times it’s uncommon to see a player’s signature. This scarcity can influence the value of the signed soccer jersey, particularly if the footballer is to retire or has stopped playing for a certain team. Fewer signed jerseys on the market makes them rarities and makes them a hot commodity.

  • When was the jersey signed-

Taking a historical setting into consideration. At what point in the player’s career a jersey signed can affect the jersey’s value. For instance, if the shirt was signed at the winning match of the season finale during a player’s prime, then the signature is not only a cool imprint from that player but a part of soccer history. Another example would be of David Beckham: a signed Manchester United jersey, the team that made Beckham a recognised name, is probably going to be much more important than a Preston North End jersey, for whom Beckham played for simply a month.   

  • How Many Signatures are on Jersey-

The number of signatures on the jersey could influence the worth of a signed soccer jersey – relying upon who the signatures are from. If a shirt is filled with top-class, first-rate players’ autographs, that would be the best scenario. However, if you have a Rio Ferdinand or Cristiano Ronaldo signed jersey along with signatures of players from a third division, these could potentially lower the signed jersey value.

  • Condition of Jersey-

This concerns how well a jersey has stood the test of time. If it has been worn, faded or torn, this could decrease the signed soccer jersey’s value. Whereas if the jersey is in mint condition, and if it has been stored in a frame, it’s significantly more likely to catch your attention.

  • Authentication-

Authentication proves that the signed soccer jersey is genuine. Typically, this comes in the form of a certificate or a declaration from an external board, confirming that the signature is authentic. The testament of this certificate of authenticity can assist to decide if the signed soccer jersey is real or not. Without this certificate, a signed soccer jersey’s worth is lowered.