Factors To Consider Before Buying Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters Camden

Material is the most important factor for buying plantation shutters in Camden. These products are available in different materials such as hardwood, aluminium, faux wood, and composite. However, you must remember that not every material is meant for each room. Are you buying the shutters for your kitchen or bathroom? In that case, opt for the likes of vinyl and composite as they would be the best options for you. This is because of their capability to stand up to moisture. Similarly, if you are selecting one for your living room, opt for hardwood.

Tilt control

Tilt control is an important part of buying plantation shutters in Camden. You have several choices in this context, such as the standard centre rod tilt. This is where the tilt control is visible. Apart from that, you have products where the tilt control cannot be seen. The invisible tilt control is more popular these days. This is because in such a product you cannot see the central rod, thus offering you a contemporary and clean look. Split tilt is another popular option in this context.

Divider rails and frames

There is more to plantation shutters in Camden than merely being a viable option for functional window treatment. They are statement pieces too. So, you must consider how many divider rails you want in your plantation shutters and what frame you are looking for. Some of the most basic options in frames of such shutters would be a direct mount, Z-frame, décor frame, and the L-frame. They provide the shutters with a polished and framed look. You must think of the number of divider rails you want in the shutters based on how much light you wish to allow in your rooms through those.

Latches, hinges, and locks

Even with the smallest upgrade, you can make a vast difference to how well the plantation shutters in Camden at your property look and the convenience you get from them. This is where the following can be so useful:

  • panel locks
  • raised panels
  • panel pulls
  • liberty arches
  • invisible hinges

You should use panel pulls to protect the shutters from people who have no idea of how to close and open these shutters.  

Size of louvre

Louvres are the slats of your plantation shutters in Camden. The companies that make them fix them in the frame. It is the size of the louvre that determines how functional and effective your plantation shutters are. In case you opt for a smaller size, the slats would lie closer to the next one. This means they would allow lesser light to get in the room. If you choose a bigger size, they will let in more light. The size of these louvres is between 2.5 and 5.5 inches. Think of the amount of light you want in your rooms and then decide based on that.


These days, the plantation shutters are available in a wide range of stains and colours that help you get the right option for your property.