Fad or the Future: Assessing the Popularity of Floating Timber Floors in Sydney

floating timber flooring in Sydney
floating timber flooring in Sydney

It’s very common to find floating timber floors in Sydney. Here’s why homeowners love this version of wood flooring. 

In the past, floating timber floors in Sydney were inaccessible to the average homeowner. Opting for other cheaper options always made sense. Floating timber floors were quickly classified as too expensive and too time-consuming to install. However, in the past decade, this perception has shifted thanks to new floor installation technologies. 

Floating timber flooring in Sydney has made a resurgence mainly because floating floorboards are cheaper and easier to install. Installers and suppliers now offer floating floorboards. Homeowners can finally get that impeccable floor finish they always wanted without being forced to break the bank. 

Let’s breakdown the key features that make this flooring option so popular – 

  • Understanding Floating Timber Floors:

Floating timber floors in Sydney are available in the form of floating floorboards. This wood flooring is not nailed/glued down to the underlying layers. It’s by far the easiest form of hardwood to install. Since no nailing or gluing is required with floating timber floorboards, the installation process is very easy.

Professional installers of floating timber flooring in Sydney can finish the installation process within twenty minutes. The relatively conservative price and the ease of installation have made floating timber floorboards popular in DIY projects as well for many Aussie homeowners.

  • The Appearance of Floating Timber Floorboards:

In terms of appearance, floating timber floors in Sydney are almost identical to engineered timber and laminate hardwood. Homeowners get the typical wooden flooring look. The thickness of floating timber floorboards varies, depending on user needs. For example, if you’re installing floating timber floorboards in your home gym, you need them to be super-thick. 

  • Thickness and Installation :

In general, floating timber floorboards are thicker than the typical flooring planks made of softer timber versions like bamboo or oak. But, professional installers of floating timber flooring in Sydney can easily customise these boards. Even if they cut to fit these boards, installation costs will be below. That’s because, unlike installing engineered timber flooring, installing floating timber floors in Sydney requires no specialised tools. 

  1. Floating timber floorboards come pre-finished, so they can be installed and replaced quickly. 
  2. A floating timber floorboard will have only one solid wood layer, so it’s easy to make on-site modifications. 
  3. Expert installers of floating timber flooring in Sydney can install these floorboards over any subfloor, be it concrete, natural stone, or even chemically treated subflooring. 
  4. If your floating timber floors in Sydney receives a lot of sunlight and heat, make sure the kind of timber you’re using is temperature-resistant.
  • Moisture Risks:

Due to these advantages, investing in floating timber flooring in Sydney is considered to be safe and smart. Compared to timber floorboards, both laminate hardwood and engineered timber floors are better at repelling moisture. However, getting floating timber floorboards involves one major risk – water. Untreated floating timber in damp conditions can rot very fast. That’s why the timber floorboards you install need to be specially treated to be waterproof. 

Aside from this minor risk, getting floating timber floors doesn’t involve too many drawbacks. In fact, it’s a decision that benefits most homeowners. So, floating timber floors in Sydney  are definitely here to stay!