Features You Must Consider While Choosing HR Management Software

HR management software

Hr personnel have multiple responsibilities that must be managed systematically, benefiting both the organization and its employees. Management employee information, cultivating employee growth, recruiting & hiring, evaluations and retention are some of the many responsibilities of the HR team.

A Hrm software is highly beneficial and necessary for every company as it automates the above-mentioned HR functions, simplifies HR team working and even increases their productivity, ultimately improving the work process of organizations.

This blog will highlight the key features you must consider when selecting hr management software.

  1. Recruitment 

Hrm software automates the entire recruitment process of a company. It streamlines and speeds up the whole procedure. With an automated recruitment process, the HR team can only review candidates that perfectly suit the needed positions and focus on other critical organisational activities.

PeopleWork’s HR management software simplifies the recruitment process that collaborates with recruiting teams for candidate assessments, collecting honest & consistent reviews for determining the best candidate for the role.

Its other advantages include reducing hiring costs via automating the entire procedure, offering a cloud-based platform for storing all critical employee information in a single place, and offering workforce resource planning & development solutions.

  1. Employee Self Service Portal

With ESS, employees can access and update personal information like address, banking details, birth dates, contact numbers, etc., all within the portal.

This speeds up HR activities by saving the HR team’s valuable time.

The feature also allows employees to view leave balance, company documentation, benefits, training information and more.

The portal allows employees to electronically communicate to the hr department speeding up inter-organisation communication processes.

  1. Talent & Performance Management System

Employee retention is a top priority for all HR teams. The talent and performance management feature ensures employee growth, enhanced productivity and monitoring employee performance.

PeopleWorks Hr management software aims to create a superior workforce, enhance employee performance, and encourage employee growth and development.

  1. Attendance Management System

The attendance management feature allows the HR team to track employee attendance and also monitor early takeoffs, absenteeism, late log-ins and more. This ensures proper tracking of employee working hours and attendance. With PeopleWork’s Geo Attendance feature, the hr team can easily mark employees’ attendance from any location, and track employee location along with the distance and route traveled. The feature conveniently integrates attendance data with the payroll module.

  1. Automated Payroll 

The automated payroll feature is the primary feature you need to consider while picking the hrm software—the ideal method for saving time, financial resources, and reducing payroll errors.

With automated payroll systems, hr teams can conduct automatic salary payments daily wages and even perform complex calculations like overtime, commission bonuses, raises, tax deductions, and more.

PeopleWork’s payroll feature complies with all statutory compliances, calculates income tax of all employees, offers employees access to their payslip records, thereby bringing transparency and increasing employee morale.