Five Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Solar Panel Installer

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The summer is yet to approach and now is the perfect time to look for professional solar panel installers in Dandenong. Before you browse through your phonebook and dial the number of the worker, here are some essential considerations that you need to make. 

You need to know what questions to ask your installer to make sure you end up getting the right solar panel installed in your home. Once you get proper answers to all your questions, get sure that you will enjoy an exciting journey into renewable energy. 

Read on to find the list of questions.

How many solar panels have you installed?

Ask if the professional has worked with off-grid or grid-tie solar power system. Also, ask whether the installer deals mostly with residential systems. That will show that the contractor has an excellent record of involvement with the industry. Moreover, that will also let you understand that he is familiar with different components and brands. 

What is your recommendation for my property?

You should keep your interests upfront as a solar panel client. If a contractor arrives at your home, show your interest to go solar and ask for their recommendations for your home. Even if you have all the preparations done, check what the solar panel installers in Dandenong recommend before you start. In this way, you will get sure that the contractor is well aware of site selection. Find out whether they are showing up with a SunEye or solar pathfinder in hand. 

Do you have any formal training in residential solar installation?

The right installer is the one who has gone through proper training. For example, many panel manufacturers continue to offer education tuitions to solar contractors. These tuitions help them familiarize themselves with the details of the solar energy panels. You can also consider asking whether the installer is having any formal training about the specific brand of solar setting that you wish to buy. 

What are your certifications?

Many state and national organizations, like the NABCEP or the North America Board of Certified Energy Professionals, offer certificate programs to help the capable professionals. Professionals with a certification from the NABCEP are those with the highest standards. Many states are there at present that suggests the homeowners work with a NABCEP-certified professional. You can try to use the online locator by NABCEP to find a certified professional in your locality. 

Can I get references?

The best way to test the reputation of the solar installer is by asking them for references from previous clients. Talking with past customers helps you to determine whether the company’s claim of customer service proves true. The reliable solar panel installers in Dandenong will be happy to show you pictures of past, successfully installed solar panels. It is a sign of a job well done!

Last, but not least

Apart from the above questions, make sure to ask about the company’s license, insurance, and warranties. Make sure the team you hire works with experienced electricians and licensed roofers. Also, try to figure out what is their long-term service policy.