Frameless Glass Balustrades – Balance Of Charm And Functionality

Frameless glass balustrades not only appear sophisticated but also add a lot of functionality to the construction of a building both for commercial and residential purposes. The good quality frameless glass balustrades in Oatley add a lot of flair to any project and saves a property from shaggy looks. When one is not worried about frames, he can really make a property appear classy and also add a safety barrier in front of a pool or even on the edges of a balcony or roof. Interior designing experts believe that balustrades can add a lot of drama to a property and to that particular spot in which it is being used. 

The Utility of Glass Balustrades

The structural glass balustrades are generally referred to as the frameless ones which can definitely add an X-factor to any interior décor. They can be effectively used instead of spindles or as components in place of handrails and newel posts. They can find several uses depending on the creative ideas of the interior decorator. On a staircase or a balcony, a frameless glass balustrade fills the gap between the handrail and the floor. The height of a balustrade is such that anybody can be comfortable around it. These are used a lot in contemporary designed buildings and high rises for commercial as well as residential purposes. 

Several restaurants and retail outlets use it to maintain transparency. These can be helpful at home too; particularly if one has kids. The transparency makes it easy to watch the kid from a distance while doing household chores. The frameless glass balustrades can go well with classic interior décor as well. These have found a lot of uses in different places like:

  • In Garden partitions as glass fence panels
  • Internal landings
  • Staircases as stair banisters or glass railings
  • In garden borders as glass deck panels
  • In normal as well as Juliet balconies

Benefits of Frameless Glass Balustrades

Their benefits include:

  • Dramatic Effect-The glass balustrades enhance the appeal of any place on which it is installed. The place looks spacious, clean, and also quite seductive. The glass comes in 12mm thickness and its quality is marine-grade meaning it is quite tough. One can mix and match different kinds of finishes to add more drama to a particular spot. 
  • Versatility- can be really versatile. They can be installed with stainless steel panels for a sleek look or wooden panels for a more natural vibe. For the state-of-the-art urban touch, the balustrade can be impaneled with exposed brickwork or cemented for a more subtle look. Modern equipment can install balustrades impaneled with different materials to provide a customized appearance. 
  • LightA property is more lightened up with frameless glass balustrades. Thus, it can draw attention to a particular spot. 
  • EasyThe frameless glass balustrades are easy to maintain and install. Just clean those with polishing liquid and a cloth and they will keep shining.