General Facts About Mono Stringer Staircases

mono stringer staircases

The stairs in your house not only help you to step up and down but also can change the look of your interior. These days, there are so many modern designs of mono stringer staircases available in the market. You can select any among them according to your building shape and size. This article provides you with some valuable information about the modern staircase that you may find helpful.

Timber staircase

Do you have a timber floor in your house or workplace? To create a perfect match you can set up a timber staircase in your space. It is safe, durable, and lasts for a long period. You can get a variety of colour options and choose the coating and finishing. 

What is stair nosing?

The main function of nosing is to frame the edge of your treads. It makes the treads more obvious to you so that you can easily go up and down. Nosing lessens the chances of your dripping. 

As nosing performs such an important safety feature, you must have one. Apart from this, you can also create a decorative structure by installing the nosing. You can design your mono stringer staircases with a variety of nose styles and materials. 

Types of nosing

 Pencil round

This is the most popular choice for mono stringer staircases nosing. The roundness of the edges looks like a pencil sideways across the thread. As the roundness is typically soft, it is more suitable for traditional designs. 


It has an attractive modern structure that makes it more popular these days. In this option, you may find a curving or circle to the edges. It is more suitable for contemporary designs. 

No overhang

If you want to eliminate any chance of dripping you can install this type of nosing. It has a seamless look that looks more attractive while placed in timber. The treads are created in a distinctive line of 10 millimetres X 10 millimetres shadow line. 

Installing requirements of staircase nosing

Australian Standard AS1428 has regulated some conditions that you must follow while placing your mono stringer staircases nosing.

  • Each tread must have a strip of a minimum of 50 millimetres and not more than 75 millimetres deep across the width. 
  • The strip must have at least 30% contrast with the floor finish.
  • The luminance contrast strip, in front of a stair nosing, cannot extend down the riser more than 10 millimetres.
  • You must set the nosing strip back at least 15 millimetres from the front of the nosing. 

Staircase handrails

Handrails have a vital purpose for standing up for your staircase. It is the most supportive part for the elders and kids while stepping on the stairs. You can give support to the handrails with different balusters. It provides your staircase with uninterrupted flow from top to bottom. 


The minimalist approach of the mono stringer staircases provides a beautiful flow of light and open space. If you are looking for a trendy staircase option, you can reach out to an authentic staircase provider who can assist you with all your requirements.