Get The Most Versatile And Flexible Beds For Your Little Space

Furnishing a small area like that of your bedroom can be quite a challenge. However, consider it as an opportunity for you to check out ingenious ways that enable you to save up space while decorating your bedroom with a good multi-functional bed in Mumbai. It is not all that difficult to find the right bed for a small space bedroom if you focus on innovation, style, and functionality as well. It will not only make your space look cool, but also enjoyable and practical. It also creates a positive impact and blends in with the big picture.

We have often wondered how can a bed not occupy the largest space on your bedroom floor.  With ingenious space saving bed designs, you need not have any worries at all. With the cool and unique wall bed system, you can now convert your living room into a sleeping space and return it back into its position after you had your beauty sleep. It adds creativity and converts your bedroom from crowded to one that is elegant. There are several space saving bed choices which include the murphy bed with table, wall beds and more. It saves you space while maintaining the aesthetic of a home.

  • Sofa Bed

One of the top-most used space saving beds for small rooms is the sofa bed. You can use it as a sofa during the day and as a bed to sleep on at night. It is quite a handy piece for a bedroom that serves dual purposes. Generally, these kinds of beds have a queen size mattress,  which is both thin and flexible so that it can be easily folded and stored into the couch when not required.

This type of bed comes with a folding metal frame that is attached to the couch. With it, you can easily unfold it while removing the sofa Cushions. The mattress for the bed lies on top of the frame and it falls into place as the frame is unfolded. This type of bed serves several purposes and functions, unlike the traditional bed.

  • Wall Bed

The wall bed is a multifunctional bed in India and it is more of the platform type with its hinges attached to the wall. It is laid out from wall storage when required and it springs back into the wall when not in use. It is also commonly known as the Murphy bed. Wall beds also come with various comfort levels depending on the mattress, the platform, and the metal frame. The wall bed comes with a thicker mattress like that of the traditional bed. It rests on a sturdy and strong bed frame and beechwood Slats that gives extra comfort and support.


Each of these beds come with a counterbalanced system that enables it to be easily used whenever needed. You can open the bed both horizontally and vertically depending on the space that is available.