Guide for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities in Sydney

Although installing or replacing the bathroom vanity may not be the most amazing part of bathroom remodelling, it can play an important role in completing your bathroom design.

So, if you place the vanity awkwardly in any high-traffic zone of the bathroom or if the bathroom vanities in Sydney don’t match with other décors of your bathroom, then the entire bathroom would face the consequences. Being an important part of bathroom renovation, the vanities can successfully dictate the complete look and feel of the place.

So, no matter whether you want a modern or conventional look for your bathroom, this guide can help you in making the right selection. But before that, you must know the different types of vanities that you can choose from the discount bathroom supplies store.

  1. Wall-mounted vanities:

    Also coined as floating vanities, this bathroom vanity type is directly mounted to the wall without any support from the floor. Therefore, these vanities offer a clean look while saving the floor space.

  2. Freestanding vanities:

    This is the commonest as well the most traditional vanity type available. These vanities rest on the floor and these are often secured to the wall through mounting screws to offer more stability.

  3. Console vanities:

    If you are planning to create an open concept in your bathroom, then choosing this type of vanity will be the best decision without any doubt. This vanity style comes with a modest design that offers a simple, airy look for people, who don’t prefer to install large cabinets in their bathrooms.

  4. Corner vanities:

    These bathroom vanities in Sydney are the ideal compromise for fitting these into small bathroom vanities. Being space savers, these vanities offer the necessary storage that the property owners need. And therefore, these allow the property owners to be more flexible with other projects within the bathrooms.


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Important considerations:

Before you shop for the bathroom vanity, you need to scope out the total room that you have in the bathroom. Deciding the space before making the installation is important to save the headache as well as the hassle of purchasing and returning a vanity from the discount bathroom supplies store that doesn’t match your space. 

The next thing that you need to decide before you purchase a vanity is the style. In the end, your bathroom vanity should match the other areas of the bathroom. For instance, if you want a conventional look and feel in your bathroom, then you can opt for antique or wood bathroom vanities.

The main reason behind it is that the warm colours or soft tones of these bathroom vanities in Sydney would fit in perfectly with other furniture pieces of the bathroom. On the other hand, contemporary bathroom vanity with a glass made sleek sink in a dark shade is perfect if you want to get a modern approach in your bathroom.

But no matter whatever type of bathroom vanity you select, make sure that those match with your faucets, sinks, and other important bathroom fixtures.